Bronco Student Center


Food keeps people going. Here at the BSC, we take this matter seriously. Center Court, located on the main floor, offers a load of choices for people who are on-the-go in search of a different kind of fast food. Quick doesn’t always mean greasy or prepared by a microwave. Your choices: 6-inch. Wheat. Swiss. Turkey. Toasted, please. Veggies. Hold the mayo. Make it a combo. Voila! The sandwich has ‘you’ written all over it at Subway. Get your protein, carbs and fiber with a chicken breast teriyaki bowl. Kikka offers grilled meats, noodle soups and fresh-made sushi rolls without killing your wallet. Scantron or Blue Book for a test that you just remembered. Energy drinks to snap you out of your funk. Poly Fresh to the rescue! Break some rules. Eat a pizza all to yourself and have a beer in the afternoon at Round Table Pizza. Visit Dining Services to learn about more choices!


You’re frustrated about being solo, but stop the Pokefest with your so-called Facebook friend- link up already! Suggest an innocent meeting place (*hint hint* BSC) for your first afternoon rendezvous. Rollin’ deep? Obviously. Your group can’t fit in a dorm room and your club is outgrowing its usual meeting spot. Here’s a solution: reserve a room with ASI’s Conference and Event Services. Facilities within the BSC are popular among Cal Poly Pomona organizations and groups outside of campus for lectures, meetings, social events, or study sessions. There’s usually an ASI event going on every week that you should put on your calendar. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities. In the BSC, you’ll meet your next favorite artist or become the groupie to an up-and-coming musician. Bump into a friend you haven’t seen since last quarter. Stuff happens in here and it can change your college experience, and its usually free admission. Mini-concerts take place during University Hour presented by ASI BEAT.There’s a film showing and an art show reception going on at the same time. A job fair, volunteer fair, or ‘you-name-it’ fair is happening too. Workshops ‘this-and-that’ and ASI Student Government meetings you should be going to- yes, they happen here.


Some people prefer couches. Others like tables and chairs. There are quiet study rooms and there are noisier areas to lounge in. Whatever your preference, the BSC can accommodate you. If you need to take a break, food isn’t far away and the restrooms are some of the cleanest on campus.


Breaks between classes are a drag. Idle time is boring. Instead of updating your on-line profile and Photoshopping your pictures to make yourself look good, do something that requires more than mouse-clicking. There’s no better place to loosen up than the BSC.