Technical Workshops

Workshops at the Bronco Peak $5 (Class Essentials)

Location: Bronco Peak (unless otherwise stated)
Price: $5 for BRIC members / $25 for non-members
Registration: Register at the Member Services desk at the BRIC or online via

Anchor Building 101 – 10/12, 11/20 (7-9pm)
A workshop focusing on how to determine if a top rope anchor is solid and safe to use for climbing. We will explore questions like “how strong should your anchor be, how do you assess the component parts, and how much built up redundancy do you need to feel secure with your set up?” The workshop focuses heavily on knot tying and the acronym NERDS to assess common climbing anchors.

Lead 101 – 10/2, 10/10, 10/30, 11/7 (7-9pm)
Learn to lead climb at the Bronco Peak. You’ll learn how to efficiently clip quick-draws, avoid clipping mistakes, lead belay, how to fall, and about fall forces.

Lead 201 – 10/16 (7-9pm)
This class is the next tier up from the Lead 101 workshop. Participants will review the basics of lead climbing, and additionally, they will learn how to clean a lead route as a second and transition from climbing to an anchor to setting up a rappel.

Private Classes
Does our schedule not meet your busy needs? We’ll work with you, we can set up custom programs for you, just reach out to the Adventure Education Coordinator or the Adventures Supervisor and we’ll set up a time that works for us both. All technical equipment provided.

Rappelling 101 – 10/24, 11/6 (7-9pm)
This rappelling workshop will cover the ground school of how to set up your rappel and gradually prepare you for a rappel experience in which participants will rappel with a belay back up. Trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Depending on your comfort level, you will learn how to extend and back up your own rappels with a friction hitch emulating the most current practice in the guiding community for outdoor multi-pitch rappelling.

Slacklining 101 – 10/11 (7-9pm) at the Pool Deck
Walk a slackline for the first time. An experienced instructor will be providing you with instruction, techniques, and safety tips in order to practice slacklining and learn the art of moving meditation.

Slacklining 201 – 11/2 (7-9pm) at the Pool Deck
The Workshop will take the participant though several different methods of setting up a slackline. If time allows, techniques in slackline walking can also be covered.

Technique and Movement 101 – 10/3, 10/18 (7-9pm)
Climbing movement is a multi-faceted skill. This workshop is a first step for new climbers who want to put intention to physical movement. We will focus on balance, shifting weight, keeping long arms, techniques for keeping hips close to the wall, basic footwork, basic hand positions, and some of the jargon associated with climbing holds.

Workshops/Clinics (Multi-week)

The Backpacker 101

To provide students with the ability to learn and practice backpacking skills in the front-country. An introduction to Wilderness specific equipment related to backpacking and the essential skills necessary to endure a multi-day trip in the backcountry.

Dates: 10/25 and 11/9

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Poolside Lounge

Price: $5 BRIC Members, $25 Non-members (prices are per workshop)

The Backpacker 201

This is class will expand on the skills learned in Backpacker 101. Students will understand Wilderness navigation in order to successfully travel through the backcountry during a multi-day trip. Leave No Trace ethics will be introduced to express the importance of conservation sustainability on the countryside. At the end of the workshop students will help plan and execute an overnight trip.

Dates: 11/1 and 11/16

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Poolside Lounge

Price: $5 BRIC Members, $25 Non-members (prices are per workshop)


Please email if you have any questions.