Finding the Major You Love

Finding the Major You Love

finding the major you love

So here you are, making your way through college, but something doesn’t quite feel right. Maybe it’s one of your classes, one of your professors…Maybe it’s your major?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Switching your major is part of the college experience. According to a Borderzine article, 80 percent of students switch their major at least once during their college lifetime, while the average number of times that college students switch their major is three.

So the major you’re in just isn’t right for you? No worries, I went through the same thing. But don’t rush off and switch before you know what you are getting yourself into. It’s easier to switch out, than it is to switch back in, after all.

Feeling it out
Stop and think. What is it about your current major that you don’t like? What is it about your next, potential major that seems better? What is your reason for wanting to switch? Make sure you can answer those questions with absolute certainty before making any moves. Not entirely sure yourself? Meet with an adviser and ask them for some advice. Either your current major’s adviser, or one from your potential major. Find out who your adviser is on the Advising website. I’m sure either would be happy to meet with you if you set up an appointment.

Check your requirements
No matter what, switching your major is a complicated process, but what you don’t want is to under-check what you have to do. If you are planning to switch into another major within the same college, your process may be simpler than deciding to switch into another college. Check your requirements. Go to that college’s building and look for your potential major’s class requirement list. What General Education classes have you already covered? Which ones will count? How long will it take you to get in? Keep in mind that if you are trying to switch into an impacted major, the competition is fiercer and you will want to be as prepared as possible so you can get in as quickly as you can.

Making it happen
Once you have received advising and have come to a decision, then it’s time to make it happen. Pick up the paper you’ll need to get signed by the chairs of your current and potential majors. Make an appointment with your current major’s chair. Then make an appointment with your potential major’s chair. You’ll need to get some papers signed, shake a few hands and wait a few days for the process to unfold.

Once it’s done, and the stress is gone, you’ll know you made the right choice. I know I’m glad I switched. Good luck in your new major!

For more specifics on switching your major, see the Cal Poly Pomona Advising website. There you will find helpful information about departments, policies and applying for graduation.