Reporting From Inside the Mayhem, the Makeover Mayhem

Reporting From Inside the Mayhem, the Makeover Mayhem

Makeover Mayhem

Sitting in a chair getting my hair done as my coworkers watched on seemed a little funny at first, but after a few minutes I was totally happy.

I was getting my hair professionally done by a student from Marinello School of Beauty without even having to leave campus. Even better than that, it was free!

Where was I, you ask? I was in the Bronco Student Center at a very special ASI BEAT event, Makeover Mayhem. On Tuesday, Nov. 19 from noon to 2 p.m. professional artists came to Cal Poly Pomona and students received free makeovers and grooming sessions.


A line formed for the event before I even arrived and students patiently waited for their turn for some pampering. BEAT estimated more than 150 students attended the event–a great turn out for the début of Makeover Mayhem at CPP.

I had to run off to make it to my 1 p.m. class on time, but not without getting a good look at everything. As I was getting my hair done, I looked up to see the excitement on other students’ faces as they waited to do the same.

The Rotunda area was set up like a mini hair salon as artists from Marinello School of Beauty and Paul Mitchell gave students’ tresses a little extra love. Mary Kay makeup artists gave students tutorials in Ursa Major and a long display was set up to show students the many ways they could put a look together.

In the end, I walked away with free samples of lipstick – my favorite! – and got my hair curled while hanging out with good friends. It was especially nice because I had a concert to go to at night and hadn’t done much to get ready yet.

I would say it was a pretty awesome experience! Although I’m writing this for ASI, I honestly think that attending ASI events can be an awesome way to relax in between classes, have fun with friends and try out new experiences. Some of my fondest memories at CPP are of ASI events, such as BroncoFusion and First Friday events.

You may just make a new favorite memory yourself at the next ASI event. To keep up with all everything ASI, follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.