Elias Angulo: ASI Operations Assistant

Elias Angulo: ASI Operations Assistant


1.      What is your position at ASI?

I hold the position of Operations Assistant at ASI’s Gas Creative Group. I work closely with clients, vendors, designers and everything in between. It’s a job that I enjoy because it gives me experience in project managing in a field that I am interested in. Operations although is a lot of work,  is very satisfying to know that I WILL use it, hopefully sooner than later.

2.      How long have you been at ASI?

I am still fairly new, and have worked at Gas for about 3 months.

3.      What do you like about your job?

I like the people I work with, the experience in running a business, the flexibility of working hours, and the pay. haha

4.      What is unique about your job compared to other student-staff positions at ASI?

Gas is where the cool people hang out at. I inherently get to be cool.

5.      What do you hope to achieve this 2010-11 academic year?

I want to start a company, produce concerts, get good grades, etc. because there are always new projects that I like to develop. I have no 2011 resolutions because that would give them a start and endpoint to creativity, I think about new ideas all the time.

6.      What is your favorite ASI memory so far?

When Brian Rigazzi, a former Gas student employee,  graduated and moved on he went out in style. In an attempt to perpetuate his presence in the Gas office, he made many buttons of pictures of him in various situations, and he hid them in the most random places throughout the office. I think this was the most memorable moment because nobody expected him to have such an inventive goodbye. I think there might still be buttons of him hidden in some place.

7.      Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself graduated, living in San Diego and working on my own selling stuff, buying stuff, making concerts, going to shows, living the life.

8.       What is your favorite T-shirt to wear to school?

My favorite T-shirt to wear, anywhere, is this one old brown Billabong t-shirt that has a few holes on the back. It might be ugly but it is very comfortable and I like it.

9.       Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

I hate having to make the decision of where to eat on campus. There is nothing I really like. I think the place I go mostly to is either Panda Express or Kikka.

10.     What cartoon character are you most like and why?

I like Buggs Bunny because he is clever and likes carrots and I think I might have a resemblance. Rocko’s Modern Life is my favorite cartoon because it is very gritty, disgusting and simply ridiculous stuff. Also whenever I watch it now I cannot believe how much innuendo and inappropriate stuff for kids these cartoons have.

11.     What are you currently listening to on your iPod?

My iPod is as random as I am. I usually have the “week band” that is triggered by reading info about a band on a blog, or listening to a song by the band at random. Now, I am listening to Death From Above 1979 because they will be playing at Coachella after years and years of not playing. My iPod is a mysterious apparatus because it has many thing that not even I know it has, and very random songs I might add.   I love rocking out with my iPod, too.  I love sitting on my drum set, with my big, black and red, WESC headphones and my old, amazingly-still-surviving pair of drumsticks, and beat those drums like nobody’s business.

12. Tell us more…

I’m a fan of sports, I like to believe. Even though I don’t know statistics, or players’ names, I love going to Padres games, watching the World Cup, rooting for the players at the Australian Open (in my tv), pretending to understand cricket, listening to the helmets crack against each other in football and even more fun the rugby players take beatings while running against a worthless ball, also trying to understand the mysterious rules of amazingly intricate games that the world has to offer.