Zombies Pull Another Win for HvZ

Zombies Pull Another Win for HvZ


Nov. 6 has come and gone and Humans v. Zombies is over already. The question is: Who won?

Lock your doors, shut your windows and protect your heads because zombies were the victors of this game.


The final battle took place in the fields behind Kellogg Gym and the humans nearly finished their mission, but the zombies prevailed. After stealing more than enough of the humans’ glow sticks and chasing them all across campus, the zombies managed to take them down. It was a well-won war and spirits were high as the zombies waved their yellow and black flag for all to see.

Zombie Jonathan Grant, a first year computer science major, talks about his gaming experience.

What was playing the game like for you?
“I became a zombie the first day which, if I had wished I had done anything better, it was that. I was too trusting, and the OZ [Original Zombie] came up to me and tagged me. It was sly though – he might as well have been patting me on the back. I hadn’t been expecting it at all.”


What was your proudest achievement as a player of HvZ?
“Definitely my first kill, [as a zombie]. I was chasing this guy, a human, down the hill. I was right on his tail, when he tripped and I managed to tag him. When you tag someon, you get ‘kill tickets’ and ever since that day I’ve killed 5 times, and I’ve kept every one of my tickets. It was a proud moment for me.”

What was the most challenging part of the game for you?
“Well, to be honest, it was hard keeping your cool. As a zombie, getting hit with socks all the time can be annoying, so it was hard not getting frustrated at that. But otherwise, the game’s really fun, especially if you are a zombie.”

Grant clearly fulfilled his zombie-goals, and is surely celebrating the win that he helped his team achieve, but what about the human side of things?


Human Michelle Salce, fifth year biology major, known as “Shotgun Salce” by her friends, nearly made it all the way. She was prepared with her Velcro belt of socks, but a pack of zombies cornered her. Before they got her, she managed to take all 7 of them down by herself, and not just once, twice.

After she was tagged, I managed to get a few questions out of her.

What was it like playing the game this year?
“It was a lot of fun. Playing this game brings back memories of my childhood when I would play tag, only this time, it’s like tag on steroids. People get really serious with it. I love playing this game because anyone can do it – all ages and majors – and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people from all across campus and from all sorts of backgrounds.”


What was the most challenging part of the game for you?
“Not killing zombies. Sometimes your socks miss or they hide themselves from you. If they get into groups and ambush you, then it’s harder to take them down. Even after the game is over, I have a lasting fear of the color orange. When I see it, I immediately reach for my socks, but when I don’t find any, I remember that the game is over and I no longer have to worry about attacking zombies.”

What was your proudest achievement as a player of HvZ?
“My proudest achievement was definitely just now; killing 7 zombies without any help. It can be hard to know if you’ve got them because your socks are too small or if you’re throwing more than one at once, but I was getting everyone that came at me. Last time I played I only managed to kill 4 at once.”

She definitely beat her record from last year. Salce wasn’t the only player of the game to get the most out of it that they could. This one human ran all the way across the soccer field behind Kellogg Gym twice, both ways with zombies chasing him, and yet, he still nearly made it to his base. He was definitely fast!

Unfortunately for the humans, the zombies did win, for the second Fall Quarter in a row. Next game will be in Spring! Who do you think will win? Be part of the game and find out!

For more information, visit the Humans v. Zombies website.