Use #CPP1stDay to share your awesome updates

Use #CPP1stDay to share your awesome updates


It’s been a long summer, but the start of school is almost here! What do you plan to do on your first day? Maybe you will be getting to school early for the perfect parking spot, get to know your new roommates and try to add an interesting class you’ve been wanting to take forever.

Of course, you’re probably going to be posting on all your favorite social media sites about all the craziness of the first day too. Post with the hashtag #CPP1stDay with anything related to your first day of classes to connect with the campus community.

We used #CPP1stDay as a campus community last year and it was a big success! The Public Affairs office on campus put together their first Storify about the First Day of Classes at Cal Poly Pomona  made up of posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. They’re doing it again and your posts could be included!

Incorporate #CPP1stDay into your posts throughout the day and search the hashtag to see what your fellow Broncos are saying about the start of the academic year.

Also, be sure to go to the BroncoFusion concert on Friday, Sept. 27 at the Bronco Commons. Use #BroncoFusion13 in your social media posts to share your updates with everyone.

Welcome back, Broncos! We look forward to sharing with you your first day back at Cal Poly Pomona.