ASI Alumni Now CPP Employee

ASI Alumni Now CPP Employee


Lindsey Bistline, a former student web developer for Gas Creative Group, is now a multimedia designer and developer for MediaVision, a service organization of Cal Poly Pomona. Bistline, who graduated from CPP this spring, shares the similarities and differences of her life as a student and a professional–in between discussing her affinity for Harry Potter and One Direction.

Tell me about your new job and how you heard about it.
MediaVision is a video production service under the university. They produce informational and promotional material for the campus community. I work with MediaVision’s website. Cathy [Neale], Gas Creative Group’s marketing & PR manager, told me about Trevor Henderson who is the main videographer for the organization. He mentioned that they were hiring a multimedia designer and developer, so I applied.

What is the biggest difference you’ve noted as a professional staff member than when you were a student staff member?
I definitely attend more meetings! It’s not as much of a difference in terms of the work, because the work I do now I also did as a student. I definitely feel more freedom now, mentally. As a student, my mind was always cluttered and divided between work, classes and school. Time was also more limited as a working student. I can dedicate all my time for work now.

Why work for the university?
I think it is a good idea to work for the place where I got my education. It’s my way of giving back to the university.

What were your involvements as a student?
I wasn’t as involved because I was splitting time between class, home and work. It was mostly Gas and Art Student Alliance for me.

What’s you favorite memory of CPP?
All the interactions and friendships I’ve made at Gas. I went through some [personal] things  recently and it was my friends at Gas and the people in the office who helped me through it. Being able to work on-campus and visit my friends is so stellar.

What or who inspires you?
My family. It’s so stereotypical, but I have a very close relationship with my parents. It is so uncommon to hear that from people my age now, but I really consider them my friends. They have been through everything with me. I want to make them proud of me and I want to see them happy.

What’s a fun fact about you?
Everyone knows about my obsessions, I don’t really hide my love for Harry Potter and One Direction! Even at work, I’ve started decorating my office with One Direction things.

If you could go back in time and give Lindsey the student, advice as Lindsey the professional, what would you tell her?
Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Every pearl starts out as a grain of sand, but with time and pressure they soon shine.