CPP student becomes CSSA Chair

CPP student becomes CSSA Chair

Devon Graves, CSSA Chair for 2013-2014/

Former Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Attorney General Devon Graves started his term as California State Student Association Chair (CSSA Chair) on July 1.

The CSSA is a non-profit student organization that is composed of representatives from all 23 campuses of the California State University System (CSU). These representatives are usually individuals who have already served in their respective university’s ASI student government boards. The representatives serve as directors for the CSSA board who advocates for students in the CSU system.

Graves said he is excited to experience new things and is looking forward to working with the rest of the board.

“I hope that [despite] any issues that come to our plate throughout the next year, we can work together and remember the goal: advocate for students in the CSU system.”

Graves, an incoming third-year political science student at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), will be chair of the board meetings and the internal affairs committee. Some of his duties as chair include ensuring that meetings run smoothly by preparing agendas 72 hours before each meeting per the Gloria Romero Open Meetings Act of 2000 and supporting the executive team. He will also be involved with the California legislature by lobbying for students in Sacramento.

As attorney general for the 2012-2013 school year, Graves gained experience working with CSSA while attending meetings and helping with campaigns for the organization, such as voter registration during the national election and the Cal Poly Pomona Student Success Fee. He is also very familiar with the technical aspects of the position, such as parliamentary procedures, bylaws and company policies.

Prior to his involvements with ASI, Graves was on the men’s basketball team his freshman year at CPP and became involved with University Housing Services (UHS) as a conference lead for Conference Services.

For more information visit The CSSA website or asi.csupomona.edu.