3D Leadership – The Hapa Project

3D Leadership – The Hapa Project

Kip Fulbeck

The Cal Poly Pomona campus community came together on Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, to empower each other and learn the principles of effective leadership at the 7th annual 3D Leadership Conference.

This year, the conference themed “Identifying the Who in You,” welcomed Kip Fulbeck for the keynote address.

Fulbeck is a movie director, author and professor, and is best known for his identity politics and contributions to The Hapa Project, an art exhibit recognizing the millions of individuals who are multicultural and may not identify to one particular ethnic group.

Juana Arellano, a second-year finance student, said she enjoyed the keynote as Fulbeck began to captivate the students and faculty with his humor, wit and huge discernment of what reality was for him growing up.

“I liked his presentation, his purpose,” said Arellano. “It was composed of many qualities, from our religion to our culture.”

Fulbeck began his speech with a ‘pop quiz’ that tested the audience’s knowledge of popular culture versus historical events and world affairs, proving more people are educated on popular culture.

The thought of labeling yourself as a person, as he indicated through his short video of his upbringing, was widely accepted as students began to ponder just how they identify themselves.

Students admired Fulbeck for his purpose and message, especially how personal his speech reached.

“His delivery was very real but still professional,” said Ariel Weinshanker, a second-year hospitality student. “He was not so concerned with what was politically correct; it was honest.”

Weinshanker, who didn’t identify herself as a particular ethnicity, said she appreciated the inclusive nature of the speech, in which she felt Fulbeck was able to create a relationship with his audience.

There were a series of workshops throughout the day which focused on the goals and mission of the conference such as an individual’s personal development into the type of leader that best suits his/her needs as well as learning about the various services that are available to students that help their leadership development.

One of the main messages discussed was the identity element and how individuals identify themselves.

“We live in a world where people tell you who you are. But only you can decide who you are,” said Fulbeck. “I want the students to leave more curious than when they came.”

Lunch for the conference was sponsored by Target, a partner to the Cal Poly Pomona community and advocate for the Student Development Leadership Institute program.

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