CSU chancellor visits ASI student leaders

CSU chancellor visits ASI student leaders


At the same u-shaped formation of tables in England Evans where campus issues and budgets are deliberated, Associated Students, Inc. Student Government officials met with newly appointed California State University Chancellor Timothy White.

Lasting just an hour, the May 7 meeting allowed a rare moment of intimacy for Student Government officials to pick the CSU system’s leader brain in an even more frank and candid manner.

The underlying theme of the encounter seemed to be that although White steers the CSU ship, it’s still students, their concerns and engagement with lawmakers that keeps it afloat.

At the heart of that engagement, White expressed, is a student government persistent with lobbying and advocacy efforts.

Even if White, a graduate of Fresno State University, himself once believed that his voice as a student didn’t matter, that attitude has dramatically shifted over the course of his decades of experience in academia.

“The voice of the student is more powerful than ours,” said White, referring to top CSU officials. “I want to make sure Student Government helps the campus at large get a hold of Sacramento and tell it that what we do matters.”

White continued to say that Student Government leaders needs to help argue for “Cal Poly Pomona, [their] brothers and sisters, and those who have yet to be.”

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