Campus MovieFest: Pushing One Last Time for a Simmer of Love

Campus MovieFest: Pushing One Last Time for a Simmer of Love

Campus Movie Fest

Cal Poly Pomona’s Campus MovieFest Finale kicked off on Tuesday, November 16 in the Bronco Student Center with about 150 people in attendance. This year, 33 teams entered the festival, and the top 18 films were debuted at the Finale screening. Along with the movie screening, the Campus MovieFest team presented awards to the winners in three different categories: Best Drama, Best Comedy, and Best Picture.

The winning film for Best Drama was “One Last Time.” “Simmer of Love” won for Best Comedy, and surprisingly enough, the team for “Simmer of Love” is the same team that won for Best Comedy at the 2009 Campus MovieFest. Both teams for Best Drama and Best Comedy received an iPod Nano, Final Cut Pro Software and invitation to the Grand Finale next June in Hollywood, Calif. Taking the award for Best Picture was “Pushing.” Not only did the team for Best Picture win bragging rights, but Final Cut Pro Software, an invitation to the Grand Finale and an iPod Touch.

“My favorite was ’Pushing’,” said Sally Kandah, the BEAT Film Chair who assisted the Campus MovieFest company with the event. “[“Pushing”] was very well filmed and edited. It looked like I was watching a movie made by Steven Spielberg!”

But don’t take Kandah’s word for it, visit and type any movie name into the search engine to watch. All of the short films that have been made from the last 10 years have been archived on this website for all of the participating campuses.

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