NACA Conference

NACA Conference


It was a busy weekend for some ASI students and staff as they prepared educational sessions and attended the 2010 Western Regional National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) annual conference November 12-13.

NACA is an association that provides “educational and business opportunities” to various professionals in higher education and students pursuing careers through the advancement of campus activities and awareness of the organization.

Every year, NACA meets around the nation for various conferences, and was held in Ontario, Calif. this last weekend. Aside from assisting campuses in programming and activities, the association also discusses topics and issues that may face the higher education institutions.

The conference includes keynote speakers with higher education backgrounds and experience who will be able to provide the next generation of leaders and professionals with resources and tools to help advance them in their various campus roles. The conference also hosts various educational sessions ranging on topics such as the importance of advising, how to market and make an event successful and creating better working places by being politically savvy.

Maria-Lisa Flemington, Programs Assistant for Recreation, Programs and Marketing, was this year’s Diversity Initiatives Coordinator and taught an educational session.

Flemington led a committee comprised of leaders like her from various institutions and met throughout the year. She said her main role at the conference was to make diversity issues discussed at each conference and her session about diversity through art demonstrating Cal Poly Pomona’s “learn by doing” philosophy.

Diversity is a vital element to the association as it prides itself on continuing to embrace all cultures and ethnicities in each of the activities and advancement of the universities.

Alfred Magallanes, marketing communications assistant for ASI, also co-led an educational session with staff writer Kimberly Duenas, regarding campus marketing and how to make programs interactive for the students.

“We had more than 80 students attend our session, and we made the session interactive as students were able to bounce ideas back and forth and share their perspectives. It was a great opportunity for us to be there and we will gladly participate in more conferences in the future,” said Magallanes.

Cal Poly Pomona is a member of the NACA Western Association Region, which includes colleges and universities from California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico. For more information about NACA, visit