Unplugged: From the Games Room to Encinitas

Unplugged: From the Games Room to Encinitas


Last night, Unplugged packed up its gear from the Games Room Etc. and toured its way over to the Encinitas dorms. Students passing through the main lobby of the building stopped and listened to the performers who took hold of the open mic, making for an attendance of over 50 students.

The dormitory lobby was lit to a dim setting, with couches and chairs strategically placed to surround the performers for the evening. Everywhere you looked, acoustic guitars were found amongst the performers sitting in the eager Unplugged audience. Setting himself apart from the rest, found sitting off to the side on a bench, tuning his guitar, was Diego Hernandez.

Hernandez, an Encinitas resident and third year CPP student, was prepping for his Unplugged performance. Having performed at previous Unplugged events, Hernandez found it convenient to attend and perform at Unplugged in his neck of the woods.

“It’s closer for students living in the dorms, especially if they just want to take a quick study break,” Hernandez said about Unplugged taking place at Encinitas.

Traditionally, Unplugged has been held in the Games Room, located in the Bronco Student Center, and the event was streamed live, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the show at their comfort of their computer. But BEAT Co-Concert Chair Alejandra Jimenez said at a recent BEAT meeting that Unplugged should switch things up in order to bring the event to more students who live on campus.

Either way, the event was a success. The Encinitas lobby stayed full of students, some just passing through, and some who parked it from beginning to end.

If you are interested in performing at Unplugged or you want to join the BEAT Concert committee, please visit www.asi.csupomona.edu/beat or email beatconcerts@csupomona.edu.