Test your fitness with BFC’s Biathalon

Test your fitness with BFC’s Biathalon

Test of endurance

It’s been more than a month since Jan. 1, the day when many decided to make exercise a part of their routine. See how much you’re holding up with your New Year’s Resolutions next week with an endurance test.

Campus Recreation is hosting a biathlon at the Bronco Fitness Center (BFC) where you can time be timed on a 1.5 mile run and 3.5 mile bike ride.

Come in to the BFC from Wednesday, February 20 to Friday, February 22 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. to participate. The BFC is located on the first floor of the Bronco Student Center (BSC.)

The fee for Biathlon is $6 for BFC members and $8 for non-members

If you ‘re the type with a competitive nature, invite your friends to a challenge. Divisions will be divided between men and women and then by age brackets 18-20, 21-25, and 25 and older.

For more information about the BFC and group exercises classes you can take to increase your endurance, visit asi.csupomona.edu/campusrec.