New Projects and New Life at ASI and CPP

New Projects and New Life at ASI and CPP

Eat Meet Study Play

If you spent the summer giving yourself a makeover, you aren’t the only one. Over the summer and the past couple months, ASI has been adding some new changes to the BSC and South Campus which can only invite more students to feel like they’re at home.

ASI’s BroncoFusion event took place in the Bronco Commons, the brand-new quad next to the newest phase of suites that were completed this past Spring. The new quad boasts tons of space for students to gather and also includes a new stage for performing concerts throughout the year. Campus Recreation, which organizes all of the Intramural sports, will also have a new place for their leagues since a new Intramural field was an added space to Bronco Commons.

The campus saw how much of a beating the gym floor has had over the years, especially after the Men’s Basketball Team earned the NCAA Division II Championship title last year. So, before the November 4 Exhibition Game against Duke University, students will see a brand-new gym floor, which will be completed in a matter of a few days. The revenue from the ASI athletic fee dollars made the project possible, so come out and enjoy the new floor.

In a few years, there will also be a new Recreation Center built for the students as well. With a 2014 completion date, the new Rec Center was recently approved by the CSU Board of Trustees and is now moving forward in the planning and design stages. Students will have the ability to voice their ideas with various focus groups, which will be considered as the project gets underway.

Now, while you are in the gym or out on the new Intramural field playing, you may get hungry. Good thing we have a new Denny’s restaurant to please that hunger of yours. The new diner will serve as a great place for those late-night munchies that everyone craves during midterms, finals, and well, every day. A new convenience store, which is attached to the Denny’s was also built to replace the old Vista Café for those students who are on the go.

Aside from having the “Eat. Meet. Study. Play.” on the side of the BSC, students didn’t really know our building compared to the rest of the campus buildings, so we decided to add some new exterior signage for those who may or may not know where they should ALWAYS be hanging out.

On a campus-wide level, you may have seen the new ‘opportunity banners’ along Kellogg Drive and throughout the campus. The “this is your opportunity” banners are part of a major fundraising goal set forth by University President, Michael Ortiz. As a leading institution in California, the university is utilizing the campaign to continue their ability to offer what it is best known for, hands-on learning. The university recently was awarded $42 million cash gift by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, which only advances the university in reaching their bold initiative.

2010 marks an exciting year for Cal Poly Pomona as new projects, a business building and a bold campaign are set.