The month of October is easily identified as the spooky month with ghost and goblins, costumes and candy as this month harbors the creepy holiday known as Halloween. While Halloween’s theme colors include black and orange, another color has managed to sneak its way into October…pink, the color associated with breast cancer. Pink ribbon, pink purses, pink t-shirts and even pink Facebook profile pictures are available in order to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month. But to think pink is not the only way to bring alertness of the disease. Let’s take a look at what is taking place to raise awareness amongst the college scene.

Walking around campus, it’s easy to spot the thick bracelets on students that say, “I Heart Bobbies,” which come in a variety of colors. The bracelets are available through the Keep a Breast Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is “to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support…” However, according to an online article, middle and high school students in South Dakota and central and northern California confront the issues of possible suspension and the removal of the accessory. In the same article Kimmy McAtee, the spokeswoman for the Keep a Breast Foundation comes back with: “We understand that some people find ‘I love boobies’ offensive. Many others find it refreshing in the sea of pink ribbons. We’re really taking a positive style of communication and taking something scary and taboo, and making it positive and upbeat.”

This week, if you were passing by the library, you probably came across a huge pink tent located in University Park. In preparations for next week’s “Think Pink Week,” Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha was supporting their philanthropy, the Susan G. Koman Foundation, by setting up their tent early and passing out pink ribbons, shower cards that explain how to give an at home breast exam and they were also selling sunglasses that say “Think Pink” in which all of the proceeds goes to Susan G. Koman Foundation. “Pink week is a weeklong spirit week in which all of the money that we raise from all of the fraternities and anyone who wants to participate goes to that cause,” Nicole Bell, Zeta Tau Alpha said. “As for students reactions, no [student] has turned down a pink ribbon, and even other sororities are taking them, which is really cool because the ribbons do say ZTA, so we were kind of worried about that. But it’s for such a good cause that no one is going to turn down a pink ribbon. “

Even Facebook has joined in on the action. Launching the “I like it on the floor” campaign has females posting, “I like it on the floor,” among other phrases beginning with “I like it on the…” While some see this as a sexual connotation, the phrase pertains to the location in which someone likes their purse. The curiosity of other Facebook users has people leaving comments asking what the status is referring to, which then leads to the discussion of Breast Cancer Awareness.

So whether you’re rocking a wristband, pinning a pink ribbon, or liking it on the floor, all of these tactics are sparking attention towards Breast Cancer Awareness. To find out more about Breast Cancer Awareness month, visit