BSC Open House

BSC Open House


Students and faculty seemed to learn more than just how to beat the heat at this year’s Bronco Student Center open house.

Traditionally held inside the student center, the BSC Open House took place outside in University Park, serving as an invitation for students to come learn about the services they not only pay for, but have unlimited access to.

The Associated Students Incorporated event, which was held on September 30, provides an opportunity for students to check out the student center, win free prizes and of course, get involved.

“I saw the activity and decided to check it out,”first-year business student, Michelle Liu said. “I wanted to get more information about how to get involved.”

The Bronco Student Center, which houses the Bronco Fitness Center, Student Government and student-favorite ‘Games, Room, Etc.,’ is a prime location for student hangouts and social gatherings.

With the day’s temperature rising above 100 degrees, the inflated obstacle course wasn’t appeasing to all the students with the exception of excited second-year public relations student, Sean Grabin.

“I am going to Disneyland,” Grabin said, after earning a free T-shirt for beating his friend, Chris Coy on the obstacle course. “There was a lot of cool stuff going on,” Grabin continued.

The free merchandise, or ‘swag’ as Grabin referred to, is one of the common reminders of the popular event.

Coy, a second-year business student, spends most of his time off campus due to other priorities but utilized the event for finding out what events he most likely would attend throughout the year.

However, learning about future events isn’t the only advantage of attending the open house.

Students also took advantage of the amusement park discounts, which are always available in the Games Room.

In this tough economy, every student is eager to make a few extra bucks, and the open house can be a great resource for students to look for their first (or next) college job.

The Bronco Fitness Center, Gas Creative Group and Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) are always looking for student assistance and volunteers, and invited students to apply for available positions.

Saul Frausto, a fourth-year computer science student, had never been to the event, but now understands the importance. “The more you know about Cal Poly Pomona, the more you can be involved and [serve] the university,” Frausto said.