New publication highlights student health issues

New publication highlights student health issues

Staying healthy is one of the most important, but frequently neglected, components of being in college. Students often overwhelm themselves with responsibilities and forget to take care of themselves.

Student Health Services has created a new monthly online publication to help students stay healthy. Student Health 101 covers all topics related to the mental and physical health of students, such as sleep habits, self-image and exercise.

Because staying healthy is much more than the state of your immune system, the publication encompasses a wide variety of topics, including managing relationships and friendships and finding profitable internships.

The latest issue of Student Health 101 even contains four steps to successful finals and methods to deal with the stress that the holiday season can bring.

The publication covers eating well and even features videos of recipes from students across the U.S. There are many options for healthy eating right here in the Bronco Student Center (BSC,) including Poly Fresh and Freshen’s.

Videos with exercise tips, entitled “Fitness U” are also provided, including quick and effective workouts for finals week.

For an outlet to burn calories on campus, look no further than the Bronco Fitness Center (BFC.) The BFC will be open regular hours during finals week and during winter break from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Dec. 22.

If you still can’t seem to manage your stress, consider talking to a counselor at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS.) The appointments are free of charge and the information talked about during sessions is confidential.

Student Health 101 is provided by the Chancellor’s Office as part of the California Mental Health Services Authority Grant, funded by Proposition 63. In light of this proposition, all California State University campuses were awarded funds to host programs on mental health and suicide prevention.

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