How to prepare for the HvZ battle

How to prepare for the HvZ battle

Registration for Humans vs. Zombies at Cal Poly Pomona ended on Sunday, October 28. If you’re in the game, get ready with these tips! 

1) Pick up your gear.

Go to the Games Room Etc. in the Bronco Student Center to get your ID card and bandanna before 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23.

2) Be mentally prepared.

Humans vs. Zombies can be really fun! Part of the fun is knowing that you could get tagged when you’re a human and hunting around when you’re a zombie. Get into the battle state of mind and know that once it begins you will be checking your back like crazy.

3) Travel in a pack.
Whether you are a zombie or a human, traveling in a pack could be a good strategy. Most buildings are safe zones, but the open outdoors can be a scary place for a human. Watch your back and look out for your friends!

4) Get to your destination early.

To be able to get to class with some time to run around before, you will have to leave a little earlier. One participant from CPP’s last HVZ game made sure she got to school an hour early each day.

5) Have fun and be safe.

Yes, it’s a battle to survive, but it’s just a game. Remember to have fun! Part of that means ensuring you don’t get hurt. If you’re really serious, a mouth guard and elbow pads might come in handy, but for the most part you will be fine as long as you wear comfortable clothes and running shoes.

Humans vs. Zombies ends on Wednesday, October 31 so be sure to keep up with the official Cal Poly Pomona Humans vs. Zombies site regularly at for updates.

This official Humans vs Zombies game is sponsored by Associated Students Incorporated.