CPP 101: A Few Things All Freshmen Should Know…

CPP 101: A Few Things All Freshmen Should Know…

Students showing school spirit in the BSC Center Court

Dear freshmen,

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) understands that you are now the little fish in a big pond, and we would like to make your transition easier by supplying you with some tips on how to make yourself at home at CPP while providing you with some information that you might not know about ASI and CPP.

First, the Bronco Student Center (BSC) is truly your home away from home. Not only does the BSC have a food court with delicious spots such as Subway, Round Table Pizza and Pete’s Coffee, but it also provides a hub for you and your friends to chill before, after and in between classes. The BSC is the place you want to be to get out of the sun, or keep dry when it’s raining. The BSC also houses the Games Room Etc. which has arcade games, billiards, bowling, televisions, music, karaoke and more! But that’s not all because the BSC has a gym, too! Cancel your expensive membership at a commercial gym, and join the Bronco Fitness Center. Not only is a membership at the fitness center more affordable, but it has over 33 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, over 5,000 square feet of selectorized machines and free weights, olympic lifting platform, over 25 group exercise classes per week and full Locker room and showers…wow! While the BSC has all of the fun stuff taken care of, it also has space for students to study. Rooms are available to request for study sessions for individuals or groups. In all, the BSC is the place to EAT, MEET, STUDY, PLAY.

Second, college is more than just class work. It’s about developing yourself as an individual, and the only way to do that is to interact with students on campus. A great way to become involved on campus and meet new people is to attend events. ASI plays host and co-sponsors many of the free events on campus to help encourage a more enriched campus life. Events such as BroncoFusion, Campus Movie Fest, Unplugged and Midnight Madness are fun, interactive events that bring students together through music, art, games and more. The Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) is a group of students who organize and execute many of the events ASI provides and they are always looking for helping hands. Take part in the action and develop yourself as a campus leader by joining a BEAT committee. Whether you want to partake in the events as a spectator or an organizer, BEAT has something for everyone!

Finally, your time at CPP will be a lot easier if you remember the following: avoid the lines at the Bronco Bookstore, and order from the Bronco Bookstore online. Next, make parking easier by carpooling with friends. CPP has designated spots for those who carpool, and there are plenty of Ride Share parking spaces. And if you want to save yourself a long walk to your next class or to your car, hop aboard the Bronco Express, which transports students for free on its designated route around CPP.

Well there you have it, freshmen. Hopefully these tips will give you the insight on what it takes to make your experience at CPP, not only easier, but enjoyable. Good luck with your first year of college!

For more information about:
BSC, visit asi.csupomona.edu/bsc
BEAT, visit asi.csupomona.edu/beat
Bronco Bookstore, visit www.bookstore.csupomona.edu
Ride Share, visit dsa.csupomona.edu/parking/rideshare.asp
For more information about the Bronco Express, visit dsa.csupomona.edu/parking/maps.asp