Students get familiar with campus at BSC Open House

Students get familiar with campus at BSC Open House

Students get info at open house

In many ways, the Bronco Student Center is the heart of Cal Poly Pomona. For newcomers to campus, or just as a reminder of what the gathering place offers, Associated Students, Inc. brought the BSC outdoors to showcase its many offerings.

On Thursday, September 27 at the University Park, right near the BSC, students were able to see what the building offers and get familiar with a place where many attend campus events, relax, study, work out, and refuel.

“The student union is supposed to be the living room on campus,” said Dave Quezada, associate director of facilities and operations for the BSC. “It’s supposed to be for students to hang out and feel comfortable doing so.”

Many students were interested in the park ticket booths giving out information on discounts offered through the Games Room, Etc. Sea World Parks and Entertainment, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Aquarium of the Pacific were just some of the amusement parks represented.

“Learning about different parts of the school is really helpful,” said second year Biology student Danielle Valencia, who added that learning about the various discounts was particularly useful.

A crowd of students huddled around the University Park stage to bid on bundles of items at the Lost and Found Auction, which included a bike, a film camera and many USB drives. The Games Room, Etc.- home to the campus wide lost and found- raised a total of $881.

“The Lost and Found is one of the big services we offer, so it’s really critical that we have the auction,” said Quezada.

ASI student leaders encouraged voter registration and gave information on proposition 30, the California State University system and the California State Student Association. A total of 39 people registered to vote, according to ASI secretary of external affairs Jordan Kittleson.

“I’ve been wanting to register to vote, but the fact that it’s on campus makes it convenient,” said Ngoki Agwuenn, second year psychology student.

Many students have been taking advantage for the opportunity to register to vote. This year’s 29th annual Hot Dog Caper coincided with National Voter Registration Day where 61 students registered to vote. Student leaders will also be encouraging voter registration at Matt’s Run on October 13.

The Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT), Campus Recreation, and a group of students promoting Humans vs. Zombies also had a presence at the BSC Open House. Students were encouraged to attend one of four Humans vs. Zombies information sessions in the coming weeks to be eligible for participation in the battle.

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