Robyn Fowler: ASI Secretary of Programs and Services

Robyn Fowler: ASI Secretary of Programs and Services

Robyn Fowler

In June 2010, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) appointed a new Secretary of Programs and Services, Robyn Fowler. Fowler previously upheld the position of Operations Chair on the Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) for the 2009-10 school year. Before starting a new year in a new ASI position, we had a chance to ask Fowler a few questions pertaining to her new appointment. Here’s what she had to say:

How do you feel about being the first female in three years to hold the Secretary of Programs and Services position?

When I was a first year at Cal Poly Pomona, I would have never expected to be holding the ASI Secretary of Programs and Services position four years later. To me, gender does not really play into effect and I feel empowered to be representing the students of Cal Poly Pomona in such a distinguished position.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

From already working with my BEAT chairs during our retreat these past few weeks I know that this year is going to be absolutely amazing. As the Secretary of Programs and Services, my main goal this year is to work closely with my chairs to provide as many entertaining and engaging events for the student community while abiding by our campus-wide initiatives such as sustainability. I will also be sitting on the Weekend Events Committee with campus administrators to begin programming activities and events to increase campus involvement during the weekends.

What have you learned from previous Secretaries of Programs and Services that you will carry?

I have worked very closely with the previous Secretaries, Saad Abbas and Sergio Hernandez. Each have helped me gain a great understanding as to what the position entails and have provided me with a unique insight on how to reach out to the campus community. While working closely with Sergio Hernandez last year, while I was the Operations Chair for ASI BEAT, I learned how to brainstorm effectively along with my fellow team members to create exciting and new programs. This year I plan to honor each of the past individuals who have held this position and the legacies which they have left, which is why I feel both honored and privileged to be CPP’s 2010-11 Secretary of Programs and Services.

What are your plans for this year?

One of my main goals this year is to outreach more to the student community by working with my chairs to engage in co-sponsorship opportunities with other clubs on campus. By doing this, I hope to spread the ASI motto of “students serving students” and help motivate students to become more involved. Unfortunately, when I was a first year I had no idea what ASI was, let alone the amazing opportunities becoming involved in ASI entailed. As Secretary of Programs and Services, I plan to help program events along with my BEAT chairs which will engage and excite students while also aiding in the education on what ASI is and what we strive for.

Why is this position important to ASI and how do you intend to uphold that responsibility?

By chairing BEAT, the Secretary of Programs and Services is responsible for helping provide the positive and engaging face of ASI. The activities which BEAT programs provide are there primarily for the enjoyment and education of students on our campus. I plan to provide the students with a cornucopia of events, in hopes to reach out to their many differing interests.

What are you most looking forward to this new school year?

After working with my BEAT chairs and brainstorming ideas for new, exciting programs, I already know that this school year is going to be different from the rest. I’m personally excited because knowing that I have the opportunity to enhance the college experience for my fellow students gets me pumped up and amped to begin my final year at Cal Poly Pomona.

What do CPP students have to look forward to with you as the new Secretary or Programs and Services?

Well, I can definitely say to the students of CPP, look out for programs which you thought might not have been possible. With my team, no idea or goal is out of reach and we are going to do our absolute best to provide our student community with as many entertaining, motivating and engaging events which we are capable of.

ASI is excited to have Robyn Fowler as the new Secretary of Programs and Services and is looking forward to entering the 2010-11 year with her. For more information about BEAT and how to get involved, contact the BEAT office at (909) 869-4455.