Facebook: What YOU Posted This Summer

Facebook: What YOU Posted This Summer

Facebook Status Update

We can access it in the car, on the beach, overseas and in our very home. It’s none other than Facebook, our number one way of staying connected with those we grew up with; to those we just met. Facebook has been used to express, share, communicate and retaliate towards things in our everyday life. Now, whether we hate it or love it, it’s important to acknowledge this free enterprise that seems to be taking over our lives in a way that has changed communication forever. Through the repeat of posts or comments and the massive amounts of “likes” a post receives, Facebook can be used to document the highlights of our year. Let’s look back on the past few months, and see what trends occurred over the summer on Facebook!

Summer is a great time to hit the movies for a date or evening out with your friends. This is why everyone declared on Facebook what movies they went to see and what they thought of the film. There were the girls, and their poor boyfriends, posting statuses about waiting in hour-long lines waiting to see the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Everyone, young and old, raved about their excitement to see the long awaited Pixar film, Toy Story 3. While others simply posted, “Inception=AMAZING,” as a status.

Being tagged in a photo this summer was inevitable as people posted new photo albums titled “Summer <3 Times” and “Summer 2010.” Pictures of our friends in their swimsuits by the beach with tans flooded our home page. Not to mention all the mobile snap shots which were continuously being uploaded of friends at parties causing summer time shenanigans, as comments such as “that was epic,” and “can’t wait for next time,” were being left as a reminder of what was enjoyed most this summer.

Let’s face it; people don’t go around talking about professional soccer on a daily basis, but whether we watch sports or not, surely we ran into a bunch of posts on Facebook that said “USA, USA, USA!” or “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” during the World Cup. And we must recognize the ongoing rivalry between which SoCal baseball team is better—Dodgers or Angels? Giants who?

Even for a whole week we had to see the same post repeated a million times “Shark Week!” Who knew some many people were into sharks? Most of us probably stopped by the Discovery Channel just to see what all of the commotion on Facebook was about.

As we can all see, Facebook has kept a pretty good track record of what a majority of us were up to this summer. We have seen plenty of “off to the beach” and “by the pool” posts during those scorching summer days (if that’s what you want to call 89 degree weather). We also had the pleasure of finding out how many of our closest pals were headed to Las Vegas as they posted quotes from the movie “The Hangover.”But with school approaching for many of us, we can count on seeing “back to school” posts in the coming weeks. Enjoy the rest of summer, and don’t forget to Facebook all about it!