Is your date a night owl?

Is your date a night owl?

couple reading a book

Do you and your date update your Facebook statuses at all hours of the night? Have all-nighters in the 24 hour lab become a regular occurrence? If you and your significant other are going nocturnal, ASInside has some suggestions for late night dates … on campus!

1. Dine at Denny’s.
Do you and your date have the late night munchies? You don’t have to go off campus to satisfy your craving. Denny’s on campus is open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Sunday. Feel free to bring your laptop and a pair of headphones, watch some Netflix and share a Grand Slam breakfast with your partner. For a complete list of Denny’s dining hours as well as other on campus Foundation Dining Services establishments, visit

2. Get your heart racing.
Feeling a little lazy after your late night grand slam breakfast? Work it out! The Bronco Fitness Center (BFC) is open from 6:30 a.m. to midnight from Monday to Thursday. Race your partner on the treadmill, pump some iron and take turns spotting each other or try a dual ab workout. Visit the BFC’s homepage for upcoming events and hours of operation.

3. Go stargazing.
Have you ever been to the top of the six-level parking structure across from the CLA building? How about at 3 a.m.? On a clear night, you can see the mountains and the surrounding skyline. Another great spot to do some star gazing is the CLA Paseo on the second floor of the CLA building. This big open space is sometimes used by clubs and organizations to practice dance performances, but on a quiet night, you and your partner could sit on the bench overlooking the C-Lot and gaze at the lights.

4. Relax at the Rose Garden.
We all know that the Rose Garden looks beautiful in the day time, but have you ever visited at night? The Rose Garden is lit 24/7, making it the perfect spot for a late night date. Bring a book, some snacks, and maybe even a portable music player over to the Rose Garden for some quality time with your significant other.

5. Study buddies.
Do you and your date always do homework together? If you and your partner can be productive without distracting each other, a library study date would ideal for you two. You can use some of the open lounge areas in the library or even reserve a study room. The library is open late for the pre exam period from May 28-June 2. Planning on burning the midnight oil? There’s always the 24 hour computer lab for those extra late nights. For a full list of library hours, visit. You can also use the library as your personal Barnes and Noble. Explore the aisles, grab a random book off the shelf, and just delve in! The possibilities are endless.

Make sure to be safe when you’re on campus at night and enjoy these date ideas. Check back with us next Thursday for the next installment of “Is your date…”