How to stretch your dollar at Center Court

How to stretch your dollar at Center Court

How to stretch your dollar at Center Court

Gas prices are up, money is tight and college students like you and me have a lot on our plate. The last thing we want to do is worry about food.

We want to eat now! Whether it’s on a lunch break from work, between classes or while hanging out with friends, students love to tend to their tummies, but it’s getting harder to spend big bucks on meals.

Center Court in the Bronco Student Center (BSC) wants to help you stretch your dollar while you feed your hunger.

Here are a few great deals:

1. $1 coffee at Pete’s – Need your coffee fix, but don’t want to buy an expensive cup of joe from those other coffee spots on campus? Bring your own cup or mug down to Pete’s Coffee in the BSC and get coffee for $1.

2. $1.50 rice at Kikka – Want a filling treat for less than a couple bucks? Kikka offers a hefty size container packed to the brim with rice that will quiet your stomach growls and keep your mind off hunger.

3. $3 breakfast at Subway – It’s been proven that a healthy breakfast can kick start your day and get your brain started right so you’re not falling asleep in those 8 a.m. classes. Drop by Subway to get a meal deal that rocks! Grab a breakfast sandwich and some coffee for only about $3.

4. Snacks for about $1 – Drop by Poly Fresh or one of the vending machines in the BSC for snacks that only cost about a dollar. Poly Fresh offers healthy chips and nutrition bars for a dollar and some change. If you’re just craving some Hot Cheetos, popcorn or a candy bar, there are vending machines located in Center Court, the Games Room, Etc., and within some of the lobbies of the BSC that carry a wide array of choices.

Don’t let these hard economic times get you down! You don’t have to be a starving college student. Save some major moolah in the BSC and stick around to check out all the other great services it has to offer.

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