Intramurals at half time

Intramurals at half time

It’s week three of the intramural season and things are heating up. There are three more weeks to go until the epic playoffs during finals week. Want to know which teams are leading the pack? ASInside’s got the scoop!

In women’s volleyball, the Eliminators are going for a four-peat this season. Vu-Tang is 3-0 in men’s volleyball while Some of These and Bizzy Beez are tied in the co-rec category.

If you’ve gone to any of the Greek basketball games, you probably saw or heard about SAE sweeping the Greek League. They are currently 3-0 and well on their way to qualifying as one of the two Greek teams for the men’s finals. For co-rec basketball, the teams to watch out for are the Honey Badgers and the Rebels. We have two former champions who want to reclaim the crown in the men’s basketball league: winter 2011 champs Team Armenia and spring 2011 champs Point Blank Period.

Who will go all the way and claim the title of winter 2012 champs? Check out the game schedule here and come support your favorite teams!

Want to get in the game? Next quarter Campus Rec is offering basketball, softball, football, soccer and tennis! With so many sports to choose from, what are you waiting for? Campus Rec hopes to motivate even more students to participate in spring quarter. Last winter, Campus Rec had 25 volleyball teams and 74 basketball teams for a total of 98. This winter, those numbers have grown to 40 volleyball teams and 78 basketball teams for a total of 118. For more information about Campus Rec sports visit their homepage.

Interested in getting active before the quarter ends? Come out to Campus Rec’s Homerun Derby on Feb. 24 from 2-6 p.m. at the activity fields behind the Kellogg Gym. Hit the most homeruns and win Campus Rec swag. The event is free for all intramural participants and only $5 for non-intramural participants.

See you there!