Get Pumped to Pump Some Iron!

Get Pumped to Pump Some Iron!

Bench Press Competition

Have you been keeping up with your workout routine this summer? Did you get P90X ripped? Can you now lift a Hummer with a simple flick of your pinky finger? Whether you answered “yes” or “no” to these questions, it’s not too late to start prepping! The Bronco Fitness Center is holding a bench press competition in mid-November and you’re invited to join in on the iron pumping fun.

This competition welcomes absolutely everyone; You can even bring your grandma if you want! Whether you’re a member of the BFC, a student, faculty, staff, or just a member of the Pomona community, come on down to the BFC and see how much you can bench.

You definitely don’t need to have 200 pounds of muscle mass to participate in this competition. In fact, the BFC staff encourages people of all shapes and sizes to test their strength. This competition isn’t just about how much you can lift.

There are two categories in which you can place: overall weight and weight-to-ratio. You get three tries to do just one rep and the judge will take your highest weight.

Steve Garcia, Assistant Program Manager at the BFC, advices participants to “test yourself…see it as a competition with yourself and not with others.” He also mentioned that they didn’t see many girls at last year’s competition so they encourage all our Cal Poly girls to come out and represent!

Don’t think you’re ready to get in the game just yet? Not to worry, the BFC has friendly personal trainers to get you prepped for the competition and help you meet your fitness goals. Call the BFC at (909) 869-2109 to request an appointment or visit for more information.

See you all there!