Podcasts To Plug Into Now

Podcasts To Plug Into Now

If you are all too familiar with running into a musical dry spell, consider downloading a few podcasts to get you through your morning commute, work day or any occasion that calls for a good listen!  We’ve done the heavy lifting for you here at The Campus Crop. Read on for our list of podcasts that will make you laugh, shiver and stay entertained.

Myths and Legends
Photo of the Myths and Legends cover.
Image via stitcher.com

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcast

Leave it to an English Literature enthusiast to bring new life to ancient myths and fairytales. The Myths and Legends podcast is a refreshing take on folklore classics such as DraculaThe Little Mermaid and other stories we grew up fearing and/or loving. The podcast’s host also brings life to lesser-known legends such as the fabled Kelpie of Scottish legend to the notorious Russian witch who rides around in a cauldron, Baba Yaga. With titles such as “Beowulf: I’m Kind of a Big Deal,” this podcast will have you cracking up as you learn more about ancient tales.

Fresh Air
Photo of the NPR Fresh Air cover.
Image via npr.org

Where to listen: Apple Podcast

Almost as old as most of us college students, this weekly podcast has been bringing intimate conversations with the biggest names in entertainment to the earbuds of listeners worldwide for 24 years now. Fresh Air is part of the award-winning NPR family, so you know you’re in for a good listen. Check out Fresh Air’s hilarious interview with John Mulaney and Nick Kroll as they talk season two of “Big Mouth.” 

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour
Photo of the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour cover
Image via npr.org

Where to listen: Apple PodcastGoogle Play Music

As you may be able to tell, we love NPR here at The Campus Crop. With a wide range of podcasts and news shows, you should love them too! Anyway, here’s our second fave from the iconic public radio station. Pop Culture Happy Hour is as light and fun as the name suggests! Tune in for Happy Hour quizzes and roundups that bring up the best in film, music, television and more. See how your TV opinions stack up to  NPR’s with the Regrettable Television Pop Quiz.

Photo of branches, veins and rats making up the title Lore
Image via lorepodcast.com

Where to listen: Apple PodcastGoogle Play MusicSpotify

Trying to be sufficiently creeped out on a biweekly basis? Give the Lore podcast a listen. This award-winning podcast retells true scary stories from America’s surprisingly creepy past. From stories of changelings to phony mediums, host Aaron Mahnke’s tales will give you goosebumps. The podcast is so successful that it even has a six-episode series now on Amazon Prime!

The Daily
Photo of The Daily cover with the New York Times logo
Image via nytimes.com

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play Music

Be the cool, hip, informed college student you always wanted to be thanks to The New York Times’ daily podcast, fittingly named, The Daily.  Hosted by Michael Barbaro, these 30-minute nuggets deliver current events and breaking news in an approachable format. Make sure to download episodes so you can get your news on the go!

Ear Biscuits
Photo of the Ear Biscuits cover with Rhett and Link putting their hands around their eyes
Image via stitcher.com

Where to listen: Apple PodcastSpotifySoundCloud

Ear Biscuits is essentially two BFFs talking about anything and everything in a studio. From how to pronounce the singular form of Tums to workplace etiquette, we literally mean anything. Hosted by YouTubers turned authors, Rhett and LinkEar Biscuits is the kind of background listening you never knew you needed. If the podcast isn’t enough for you, check out their sketch-comedy talk show “Good Mythical Morning.”

Photo of the Serial cover with a road next to a forest.
Image via serialpodcast.com

Where to listen: Apple Podcast

Bring your love of true crime with you on the go thanks to the Serial podcast. Now two seasons deep, investigative journalist Sarah Koenig dives into unsolved crimes and peels back the layers in intense detail. From an unsolved murder to military trials, Koenig unveils modern day horror stories that will leave your hair on end. Settle down somewhere comfy, because you won’t want to leave once you hit play!

Grab your earbuds and get to listening, Broncos! Don’t forget to share with us which of these podcasts caught your ear using #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Follow us on Snapchat @ASICPP!