Finals Study Hacks

Finals Study Hacks

If you find yourself in awe of your classmates who have perfect Passion Planners, effortlessly pass final exams and never seem stressed, just know, that could be you. The way to be this super student starts with locking down a system of studying that works for you! Here at The Campus Crop, we have some tips on how to become a superstar at studying.


Be prepared with study supplies!
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Before you settle down to study, double—no—triple check that you have EVERYTHING you will need to study. Even if you don’t think you’re going to need five different highlighters or a hole puncher, grab it. Otherwise, you will find yourself making excuses to get up and look for supplies.


Challenge yourself to put your phone on airplane mode.
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Whenever I try to study, my eyes slowly start drifting to my phone like, “oh, what’s that notification there,” and then I get trapped for close to an hour aimlessly scrolling through Twitter. Avoid all of that by putting your phone on airplane mode. It will take away the need to see what’s happening online, which will give your study guide all of your undivided attention.

Tip: leave your phone on airplane mode for an increasingly longer time. Start with 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or if you’re extra determined, until your whole study sesh.


Color code your notes
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Your favorite bullet journalers have a reason for color coding their planner—it helps commit things to memory! According to Fast Company, color coding notes helps “improve recall time for notes and graphs,” but it also helps you become better all-around at studying.

Color coding also creates a “mind map” that basically tricks your brain into thinking that boring subjects are fun. Check out some sweet highlighters here.


Have a study buddy who will hold you accountable
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So maybe you can’t focus if you’re in self-imposed isolation for hours on end. That’s cool, just compromise and find yourself a study buddy who will actually hold you accountable. This works really well when it’s someone who isn’t trying to goof off the whole time and will tell you that both of you need to study. So onward, Broncos. Go find that study bud.


Make a relaxing playlist to play on loop while you study
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Listening to music can help make studying much easier, especially mellow, instrumental beats. The benefits of music have been proven time and again, so instead of plugging in Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, craft your own study playlist with relaxing sounds from artists such as Nujabes or J Dilla’s “Donuts.” 

ThoughtCo compiled a collection of the best study playlists, from instrumental tracks to movie soundtracks. Check them out here!


Reward yourself for reaching study milestones!
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You know what’s a great incentive to power through a 10-page article? A bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos at the end of it—at least for me it is! Set milestones for your study sesh and reward yourself with your favorite treats when you reach them! Examples of these milestones could be finishing one chapter of your assigned reading, five out of 10 pages of your paper or even the first page of your study guide! Set a goal that you feel is achievable and work towards it.


Take your studying outside of your usual study space
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Retreating to the comfort of your room isn’t always the best way to knock out some serious studying. Your bed starts to look real comfy, and all of a sudden your finals don’t seem so important, then—oh no, you’re crashing. Snap out of it and find a new study spot! Try somewhere you normally don’t work, like a Starbucks or other local coffee shop. Adding new surroundings into the mix is a great way to stay sharp and refresh your study mode.

While you’re reading, take a look at some of the best places to study on campus here.


Did you these study hacks inspire you to get studying, Broncos? Share which tips you’re going to try and share with us using #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat @ASICPP!