How To Look Ready For Spring While On A Budget

How To Look Ready For Spring While On A Budget

With winter coming to a close, it’s time to update your wardrobe and show off your spring season fashion. Here are a few ways to look stylish this spring season, and the best part is that everything is $25 or under!

 Casual Tees: Stylish, yet comfy.Man wearing white Henley and green pants.Image via Target
If you hate getting all dressed up but still want to look stylish, then try out some casual outfits. This Henley T-shirt from Goodfellow & Co is only $14.99 at Target and is sure to turn some heads.

Woman wearing mustard colored V-neck with denim jeans.Image via Target
Or try this Monterey pocket V-neck short sleeve T-shirt from Universal Thread, only $8 at Target. Pair this outfit with your favorite black or navy blazer for a more polished look.
Denim: a fashion essential.
Man wearing long sleeve denim button-up with maroon pants.Image via Target
Try this long sleeve denim shirt from Goodfellow & Co, only $24.99 at Target. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a more casual look, try leaving it un-tucked and un-buttoned with a plain-white tee underneath.Woman wearing white long-sleeve crop top with high-ankle denim skinny jeans.

Image via H&M
We understand that it can be hard finding a nice pair of denim jeans at an affordable price, so we found a pair for you! These skinny high-ankle jeans, only $9.99 at H&M, are one of our top picks.

Try Stripes!
Black and white striped shirt with Mickey Mouse logo on it.
Image via Uniqlo                                                                                                                                   
If you enjoy Disney as much as you enjoy stripes, why not enjoy them together with this Mickey’s Stands short sleeve striped T-shirt? It’s only $14.90 at Uniqlo!

 Red and white striped shirt with Keith Haring artwork of a dog on it.
Image via Uniqlo
You can share your love for stripes by matching with your partner with this SPRZ NY Keith Haring graphic T-shirt, only $14.90 at Uniqlo.

Keepin’ cool in shorts.
Person with blue shirt tucked into white khaki shorts  with white on.
Image via Target
Shorts can also be a piece in your wardrobe you can dress up or down. Try these shorts from Goodfellow & Co, only $18.99 at Target, you can pair them with a nice polo, tucked in for a “country-club” look, or throw on a tank and sandals for a more “beachy” look.

Woman wearing white shirt with the words "Ultimate Girl" on it and some ripped denim jeans.
Image via Forever 21
These distressed high-rise denim shorts, only $19.90 at Forever 21, are perfectly edgy, and will be your go-to for festival season! High-rise shorts look great with a tee tucked in (as featured), or with a cute crop top to showcase the high waist band.Date night ideas.Man wearing a salmon button up with black pants.

Image via Target
Getting dressed up has never been easier with this button down shirt from Goodfellow & Co, only $24.99 at Target.
Woman wearing a with dress with with flowers on it.
Image via SHEIN
When thinking of spring, the thought of a beautiful dress with lots of spring colors whooshing back and forth in a nice breeze come to mind, which is why we found this Botanical print tunic dress, only $15 at SHEIN.How will you show off your fashion style this spring? Share with us using #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat at @ASICPP!