Eight Not-So-Subtle V-Day Gifts

Eight Not-So-Subtle V-Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pull off the largest romantic gestures you can think of. Perhaps your idea of an amazing Valentine’s Day gift is writing “I love you” in flower petals on a yacht (OK maybe not because we are college students after all) but there are still tons of ways you can sweep your honey off their feet this V-Day!

Here’s our list of not so subtle Valentine’s Day gifts to get you started:

Valentine’s Globe
A globe with "you mean the world" and hearts written on it
Image via sheknows.com

Show your love that they literally mean the world to you by writing it out on a globe! Make sure to add little paper hearts to show how deep your love really is. Follow along with this tutorial here.


DIY Confetti Balloon
A red balloon filled with confetti, reading "pop me!"
Image via songofstyle.com

Looks like your average balloon from the outside, right? Turn a balloon into an exciting declaration of your love by filling it with heart-shaped confetti and other cute surprises! All you need is a balloon, confetti and a needle for your S/O to burst this bubble. You can find a tutorial here.


Heart Chandelier
Image of a pink and red heart chandelier
Image via pinterest.com

If you and your partner live together, this is guaranteed to be a sweet surprise. Take the time to craft a DIY heart chandelier and hang it somewhere special for your partner to see the morning of Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Pancakes
Image of bite-sized heart pancakes topped with strawberries
Image via tiffanystyleblog.com

Have mad kitchen skills? Show them off with heart-shaped pancakes! Add some powdered sugar, fresh strawberries and ta-da! You have a heartfelt and edible V-Day gift.


Post-It Note Heart 
Image of pink post-it note heart
Image via asubtlerevelry.com

What says “I love you” more than a giant collection of post-its gathered into one massive heart? If you’re really feeling the love, write a simple love note onto each post-it. Then, sit back and watch your honey get all the feels.


Bouquet of your sweetie’s fave things
Sour candy bouquet
Image via craftgawker.com

Pshh, who needs a flower bouquet when you can make a bouquet out of your partner’s favorite things? Whether that may be sour candies or Hot Cheetos, there is a tutorial online to help you craft the tastiest bouquet around.


Love at First Slice snow globe
Image of a snow globe reading "love at first slice" with a pizza inside
Image via urbanoutfitters.com

Combine your love for your S/O and ‘za with this nifty Love At First Slice snow globe! It’s cute, red, has a heart-shaped pizza in it and doubles as an adorable desk decoration. What’s not to love?


An ~actual~ heart
Image of an anatomically correct heart plushie with a smile

Image via iheartguts.com

OK, so it’s a heart plushie. But, this anatomically accurate little buddy will be a heart-warming representation of the love you and your partner share! Order yours here.


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