Your Guide To Palentine’s Day

Your Guide To Palentine’s Day

For some, each February that rolls around stirs up some not-so-great feelings. Valentine’s Day can be a lovely day of recognizing the romantic relationship in your life, but we shouldn’t limit the celebration to that!

You may be familiar with the newly created holiday, Galentine’s Day, coined by Leslie Knope of the TV show “Parks and Recreation.” This day is all about celebrating the important friendships in your life on Feb. 13. Here is your complete guide to commemorate all the buddies in your life, a Palentine’s Day, if you will.

Make some waffles
GIF of Leslie Knope eating a waffle with the word "yes!" written on the bottom of the image.

As the wise Leslie Knope once said, “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” If you have a sweet tooth and a group of buds, why not bust out your waffle maker (or your Eggos, no one is judging) and whip up some tasty treats for the pals in your life!

Make a few handmade cards
 GIF of Leslie and April holding hands across a table saying "I love you very much" and "I love you too."

Nothing says “I appreciate having you in my life” like a thoughtful, handwritten card. Draw a picture, write a poem or tell a story for your favorite companion. They’ll love the creative thought you put behind it!

Have a gift exchange
GIF of Leslie carrying a basket with the text "April, I got a present for you."

You can’t go wrong with something as simple as a gift exchange to let your pals know how much they mean to you. Set a price limit, buy things you know your bff will love and exchange away!

Take a day trip
GIF of April on the phone saying, "the air is too fresh. It's disgusting. I cant breathe."

Round up your pals to go on a hike, visit a spa, or even take a small camping trip! You can check out a list of some of our favorite hiking trails at or the best Southern California day trips from here.

Cozy up for a movie marathon
GIF of Leslie slouching on a desk and saying, "Voldemort, probably."

Don’t feel like planning anything extravagant for your Palentine’s Day? No worries, because drinking some tea, doing a couple of face masks and settling in for a movie marathon with friends is also a perfect way to celebrate! You can check out our own list of perfect movies for your night in here.

Treat Yo’ Self!
GIF of Donna with a pink scarf saying, "treat yo'self!"

Follow the words of Donna Meagle that influenced a generation and treat yo’ self! Gather your squad and hit the mall to buy what has been on your wishlist for months or go to that fancy restaurant you saw on Instagram. The possibilities are endless, so go big or go home because you and your pals deserve a day of luxury!

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