Our Favorite Fall Drinks And Where To Find Them

Our Favorite Fall Drinks And Where To Find Them

It’s totally understandable to be filled with envy as you scroll through different foodie Instagrams, regretting the fact that you didn’t discover the hottest new latte—pun intended.

Never be in that position again! Instead, check out this list of The Campus Crop’s favorite fall drinks. From the aesthetically pleasing to the sweetest coffee creations, we have it all.

Kindness & Mischief—Butterbeer latte
Image of Kindness and Mischief's Hot Butter Beer Latte
Image via Yelp

This sweet latte will transport you straight to Hogsmeade, without having to apparate! Looking to fill yourself with sweet, buttery goodness? Los Angeles based Kindness & Mischief serves up specialty lattes—including their famed butterbeer latte—that perfectly pair with their Filipino-inspired pastries such as the ube-coconut scone. 


Alchemist Coffee Project—New Orleans Cold Brew
Image of New Orleans cold brew paired with oreo cheesecake
Image via Yelp

If you’re a fan of the classic cold brew, wait until you see the magic that Alchemist Coffee Project worked on with their New Orleans cold brew! The iced coffee is laced with chicory and homemade syrup making this brew both sharp and sweet. We can just taste the crackling of a fire with this one.


Euro CaffeNutella Latte
Image of the intricate design on Euro Caffe's Nutella latte
Image via Yelp

Nutella is superior to peanut butter in every way. But Nutella in a latte? That’s a game changer! Euro Caffe stepped up their holiday drinks with this savory sweet drink. The bitterness of the coffee still cuts through the sweetness, giving this latte a taste as brisk as a November morning.


The Dirty Cookie—S’mores cookie shot
Image of s'mores cookie shot topped with molten marshmallow
Image via The Dirty Cookie Facebook

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like; s’mores in a cookie shot form! Get all the nostalgic feels of s’mores, combine it with the coziness of a freshly baked cookie and you got a s’mores cookie shot! These pint-sized treats will be a success at your next holiday party.


Kean Coffee—Turkish Latte with cardamom
Image of Turkish latte topped with cardamonn on canvas
Image via Yelp

Oh, cardamom. The name might not be familiar, but you’ve had it. It’s the main player in apple pies, pumpkin pies and banana bread, aka cinnamon’s lesser-known sibling. Now you can have it in a rich Turkish latte, perfectly charged to get you through these gloomy fall mornings!


Daily Brew Coffee House—Honey Cinnamon Latte
Image of honey cinammon latte paired with belgian waffle
Image via Yelp

Can you even argue that a honey cinnamon latte is not the holiday drink of your dreams? Imagine a solid cup of coffee laced with honey and a dash of cinnamon and you have a genius concoction to go with your lazy day in. Try this latte during Daily Brew‘s Waffle Wednesday’s for a bold waffle pairing.


Molinos Coffee—Peanut Butter Mocha Latte
Molino's peanut butter latte with scoop of peanut butter next to it
Image via Molinos Coffee Facebook

Think this latte is all talk? Nope, Molinos Coffee puts a full SCOOP of peanut butter into this drink. This piping hot latte is basically the liquid form of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Let this creamy latte warm you up as you brave the rest of this chilly season.


Coffee Code—Coconut Mocha Latte
Photo of Coffee Code - Buena Park CA United States
Image via Yelp

You can never go wrong with mocha, it’s the richer and somehow fancier version of hot chocolate. But if you’re in the market for a dairy alternative, look no further than Coffee Code in Buena Park. With the classic kick of a latte and a twist on a coffee lover’s favorite, this latte will have you coming back for more! Besides, can you resist their intricate latte art?


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