10 Horror Movies You Need To Stream This Halloween

10 Horror Movies You Need To Stream This Halloween

Horror movies are a guilty pleasure. Honestly, who doesn’t love creeping themselves out with the lights off and a scary movie on? Every Halloween, our go-to movies work their spooky magic and leave us screaming for more.

Planning on having a movie night in this Halloween? Below, you will find a collection of our favorite horror films, from arthouse thrillers to campy slasher flicks, all available for streaming.


1. “The Awakening”

This movie has everything a supernatural thriller should have; a skeptic heroine, an almost empty boarding school, creepy children and an even creepier child’s ghost. This film follows Florence Cathcart, a writer and supernatural debunker, who gets wrapped up in a countryside boarding school’s haunting. Turns out, Florence has some demons she needs to work through too.

Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Video


2. “The Blair Witch Project”

For those of you too young to know any better, no, “Paranormal Activity” did not invent the found-footage horror genre. That credit goes to “The Blair Witch Project,” a documentary-style movie following three filmmaker friends set on telling the story of an urban legend—The Blair Witch. The close-up frames and shaky footage will have you feeling the mounting intensity as the filmmakers’ trip doesn’t go according to plan…

Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go


3. “Carrie”

We all know Stephen King is the master of campy thrillers. From the morbid tales of a resurrected cat in “Pet Sematary” to Pennywise’s creepy sewer lair in “It,” King knows how to get us. That being said, no Halloween would be complete without watching “Carrie,” the iconic story of teen angst gone horribly wrong. Make sure to have your popcorn ready, because you have a date with Carrie.

Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Video


4. “Children of the Corn

If you ever needed another reason to be terrified of corn mazes, this is it. “Children of the Corn” follows a young couple who get stranded in a remote town run by a cult of children. The only rule? Anyone older than 18 must die. Make sure to stream this classic with the lights on!

Where to stream: Netflix, Hulu

5. “The Conjuring”

Ed and Lorraine Warren are arguably the most famous paranormal investigators ever. The married duo took on high-profile cases such as the Amityville Horror  that plagued a family in New York. “The Conjuring” follows another prolific case where the investigators were called to cast out demons in a Rhode Island home. Complete with witchcraft, possessions and exorcisms, this film is guaranteed to give you the chills.

Where to stream: Amazon Video, HBO Go


6. “It Follows”

You decide if this film is a clever metaphor or just a clever twist on the horror genre, but “It Follows” is an inventive take on a classic haunting. This tense film follows the story of Jay, a teen plagued with a ghostly apparition. Her only relief is to find a poor soul to pass the ghost onto. Watch out, because this one will have you looking over your shoulder all night!

Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Video


7. “Let The Right One In”

Lonely children making friends with supernatural entities is a classic horror trope. In “Let The Right One In,” Oskar, a bullied boy, befriends a 12-year old vampire named Eli who is looking for love and a little revenge. This Swedish horror movie is a dark and strangely uplifting tale about what happens when the bullied bite back.

Where to stream: Netflix


8. “The Shining”

“Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” If Jack Nicholson’s famed line isn’t enough to raise your hair, then you definitely need to give “The Shining” another watch! Stanley Kubrick’s twisted classic tells the story of a writer, Jack Torrance, who slowly starts his descent into madness much to the horror of his wife and son who are stranded at with him at an empty hotel. This movie is so iconic, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights even made a maze based off it.

Where to stream: Netflix


9. “The Silenced”

“The Silenced” slowly builds up the scares, saving the ultimate twist for the end. This Korean thriller follows the story of Joo-Ran, a girl sent to live at a boarding school in 1938. Shortly after her arrival, her classmates begin to vanish and Joo-Ran begins to see ghostly apparitions of her former friends. Convinced of foul play, Joo-Ran investigates and soon unearths something worse than she imagined.

Where to stream: Netflix


10. “Train to Busan”

“Train to Busan” makes “The Walking Dead” look like a children’s movie. This zombie masterpiece is a high-energy tale of survival as a train full of passengers en route to the city of Busan try to fight off an ever-increasing number of zombies. This two-hour film will definitely take you on an emotional ride.

Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Video


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