DIY Halloween Decor

DIY Halloween Decor

What’s a better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by crafting some spooky fall decorations? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite easy-to-do Halloween decor that will add some serious fall flair to your crib.


Pumpkin Display

Three jars filled with assorted mini pumpkins on a table

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It doesn’t get much easier than this, folks. A clear vase, canister or apothecary jar filled with mini pumpkins makes for the perfect Halloween tabletop decoration. Pumpkins come in varieties of shapes and colors to fit your taste, whether you like white, green or orange.


Skeleton Door

Front door of a home with a skeleton face on it

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Make a statement by decorating your front door with a skeleton face! All you need is black card stock and black electrical tape. Cut out your desired shapes from the card stock paper and use black electrical tape to adhere it onto your front door so it won’t fly away. You’ll have the eeriest looking house on the block!


Mummy Mason Jars

Mummy Mason Jars - glass jars with gauze and googly eyes

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It’s time to whip out your hot glue gun for these cute mummy mason jars. Simply wrap any jar with gauze and paste plastic googly eyes onto it using your hot glue gun. These jars are the perfect way to hold party utensils, beverages, candles, plants or whatever else you chose to display in a subtle yet festive way.


Spooky Balloons

Orange, white and black balloons with ghost and Jack-o-lantern designs drawn on them

Image via Thoughtfully Simple

If you’re hosting a Halloween shindig, balloons are an absolute necessity! Plain balloons are boring, but can totally be transformed with the help of just one Sharpie. Put your artistic skills to the test with your best Jack-o’-lantern designs on orange balloons and ghost faces on white balloons. These easy decorations will definitely catch your guests’ attention.


Candy Corn Candle Display

Vases filled with candy corn and candles

Image via Lilyshop

Candy corn isn’t just for eating! It also makes for a beautiful candle display. Fill any clear vase or glass cup halfway with candy corn and place small candles on top. This colorful display gives off some serious Halloween vibes and will make your space feel a lot more festive. Best of all, it is super inexpensive to make.


Ghost Garland

Ghost garlands hanging on a wooden wall

Image via Portal De Labores

Decorations always look better when they’re on a string! To make this adorable garland, all you’ll need is stringtissuescotton ballswhite or clear thread and a black marker. This video tutorial shows how to make one easily. Hang this up in your bedroom, over your fireplace or common areas to show off your ghostly creation.

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