Your Halloween Guide To Hair-Raising Haunted Mazes

Your Halloween Guide To Hair-Raising Haunted Mazes

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Fall is here, pumpkin spice lattes are back and it’s almost time for the spookiest holiday of the year: Halloween. Whether you’ve already conquered big budget attractions such as Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm or you still have yet to retire from trick-or-treating, these lesser known (but equally terrifying) haunted mazes are too good to miss. Get ready to put your brave face on—these mazes will scare you into the Halloween spirit!

Coffin Creek

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Image via Coffin Creek

Location: Crossroads Riverview Park, Corona

Coffin Creek is back with five different mazes for its 10th year in Corona! This spine-chilling experience is set at Crossroads Riverview Park, so it feels like you’re actually trapped in the woods. Legend has it that 13 coffins were discovered in the creek of this park and it’s your job to figure out who, or better yet, what is causing these mysterious appearances. Make sure to wear comfy shoes that you can run in and won’t mind getting muddy. Tickets are $15 for each maze or discounted in group bundles.



The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Creepy sailor and mime standing in a circus

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Location: Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is back for another year of horror by the sea! This haunted ship has been a Southern California fave for years, but with a fourth new maze and new monsters and sinister spirits, it’s now scarier than ever. Scaredy cats might want to stay away from this one; some of the mazes include a circus tent of terror, frozen Meat Locker and WWII shipwreck. Groupon is currently offering a scary good deal for general admission tickets as low as $12 so grab them while you can!

Into The Black

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Image via Facebook

Location: Pomona Fairplex

Beware—only the bravest of souls should enter this paranormal maze through The Black HouseInto The Black is two parts: first, you ease into the fear with a short backstory film about the history of the 1886 house and its mysterious owners who dabbled in devil worshiping and soul offerings. After the film is over, you must then venture through The Black House for one whole hour…completely by yourself (yes, alone) to uncover the mysteries of the house. In the end, you get to time travel back to 1886 through a virtual reality (VR) experience and come face to face with the horrors that the Black family partook in. This attraction is only available for a limited time and is right near Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), so don’t miss it. One general admission ticket begins at $29. You can reserve tickets here.

Mable’s 6 Feet Under Motel

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Image via Yelp

Location: Business Expo Center, Anaheim

For those of you who prefer a less intense maze experience but still want to be spooked, the 6 Feet Under Motel is the place for you. It’s a shorter maze with less gore and more pop-ups, lasting about 15-20 minutes. Here’s the backstory: Mable, a creepy little girl slash eternal motel resident wants you to stay in the motel with her forever and it’s up to you to find your way out. What sets this maze apart from the others is that the walls shift and pathways change while you try to escape. And good news, tickets start at only $10! With such a unique feature at such a small price, why not stop by?

The 17th Door

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Image via 17th Door

Location: Fullerton

We’ve saved the best for last! Live your absolute worst nightmares at 17th Door, a place for haunted maze veterans! This maze is so intense that you’ll need to sign a waiver in order to begin your journey. This year’s theme is “Locked Up,”where you’ll tour a sinister prison as an unsupervised visitor at the Perpetuum Penitentiary. Expect to physically run into vengeful, terrifying prisoners at every corner, be exposed to extreme temperatures, smell foul scents and more. If this ends up being too much for you, you can always scream out the safe word, “mercy!” to shortcut your escape. This horrifying experience ranges from only $22 to $35! You can order tickets here…if you dare.

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