10 Reasons You Should Go To Fall In The Farm

10 Reasons You Should Go To Fall In The Farm

If you’ve been on Cal Poly Pomona’s (CPP) campus during the fall, then you have definitely seen the pumpkin patch that crops up every year. But did you know those little orange pumpkins peppered throughout the AGRIscapes field are up for grabs?

You can get yours by attending Fall in the Farm, a free event for CPP students hosted by the Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT)! This year’s event will be on Oct. 12 from 5-8 p.m. at the Farm Store (Bldg. 211).

Although the pumpkin patch is a must, there are so many other reasons why you should check out this event! Here are our top ten reasons why you should visit Fall in the Farm:


1. It’s fo’ free!
Girl says, "it's fo' free!"
Come on, free admission for food, pumpkins AND a petting zoo? Why are you even questioning going?


2.You can enjoy the pumpkin patch without the stress of a huge crowd.
Walter White tells other guy to stay out of his territory
Although CPP’s 25th annual Pumpkin Festival is the weekend before, you have to pay to get into that one AND deal with the crowds of parents, alumni, children…it’s stressful to even think about. 


3. And it’s a great opportunity to make new CPP friends.
Woman welcomes friend into social group
Since this event is for CPP students only, you’re bound to make new friends with your fellow Broncos or run into friends you haven’t seen in a long time!


4. Pay a visit to the Farm Store (Bldg. 211) and pick up some organic treats.
Hannibal Buress tells people to eat lettuce
Once you’ve picked your pumpkin and filled up on all the free food, head to the Farm Store (Bldg. 211) for organic snacks such as grind your own peanut butter, fresh squeezed orange juice and locally grown honey.


5. Celebrate fall with a pumpkin of your choosing, for only $5!
Man dances with pumpkin over his head
Proudly display your pumpkin and let everyone know that your pumpkin cost roughly the same as your Starbucks order. Every pumpkin, regardless of the size, costs $5 making this pumpkin patch a steal!


6. Show off your *amazing* pumpkin carving skills.
Intricately carved jack-o-lantern
Grace a pumpkin with your artistry at one of the pumpkin carving stations that will be available at the event.


7. Get lost in the corn maze.
man hides in cornfield
Or hide from your midterms, same thing.


8. Chow down on all the free food.
man says yes to free food
I mean…how are you going to say “No” to free food?


9. Find the perfect backdrop for a fall-themed photoshoot.
man throws pile of leaves into the air
Your Instagram isn’t complete until you post a full-fledged, fall-themed photo shoot. Perhaps a Boomerang of you throwing leaves?


10. And did we mention the PETTING ZOO?
baby goats fly over a hay stack
Please, please don’t skip the cuteness of the baby goats and other animals at the petting zoo!  It will honestly make your month.


Share your love for the fall season with your friends! Don’t forget to save the date for Fall in the Farm, Oct. 12 from 5-8 p.m. at the Farm Store (Bldg. 211).

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