ASI Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Simmons

ASI Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Simmons

Photo of ASI alumni Ashley Simmons

Years with Associated Students Inc. (ASI): Five years, 2007-2012
Job Title with ASI: Clerical Assistant, Facilities; Clerical Assistant, Recreation, Programs and Marketing
Staff Position: Project Assistant; Program Assistant
Graduation Date: June 2010
Major: International Business and Marketing
Clubs and Organizations at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP): ASI, Housing Welcome Week Leader and Resident Advisor for two years
Current position title: Commencement Coordinator
Company: CSU Northridge

What do you think is the best thing about ASI?
The best thing about ASI is the folks that work there. They are honestly dedicated to seeing the success of the students that work there.

Why did you want to work with ASI recreation, programs and marketing department?
The encouragement of the staff that worked there at the time. When I worked in Facilities they saw the strength that I had and how I was a great fit for programming. Also, the opportunity to plan events for my fellow students seemed to be very rewarding.

What was your favorite event to plan and why?
Midnight Madness, of course! It was like a lot of mini-programs in one, which could appeal to many students. Brainstorming different themes and activities to go along with those themes was exhilarating!

What is your favorite part of commencement?
All the happy faces and the “thank you’s” that I get from students. We had more than 11,000 graduates this past year and it was worth the hard work.

What is your best advice about staying organized to create the best event?
Always start early! Follow up afterward to review reflections so you can incorporate those changes for the next event. Always remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the event yourself.

How did ASI enhance your college experience and contribute to your path to graduation?
The work that I was doing which was for my student peers made me feel that much more fulfilled during my college experience. The individuals who worked at ASI inspired me to continue and contributed to my overall growth professionally and as a human being.

What did you learn at ASI that helped you prepare for your current job?
Interpersonal skills. Relationships are so vital in the workplace.

What professional skills did you learn while working at ASI that you use in your current job?
Communication. I had to speak to students, administrators, off-campus vendors and it really developed my range of customer service.

What advice do you have for CPP students?
Enjoy it because it goes by way too quickly! I wish I could go back. It was honestly the best time of my life.

What has changed about you since you graduated?
The methods that I take to plan a great event are also methods that I try to apply to myself to be a better person. For example, planning early helps to relieve stress and helps get you through your day.

What is your most memorable CPP experience?
At Los Olivos, it was never difficult to find a friend to eat with. I spent a lot of time in the residential halls.

What advice would you give to students who are not actively involved with ASI?
If students really want to have the college experience and make the most of their time there and really have an opportunity to explore their own interest, then they need to seek out ASI and get involved.

What are some words to live by?
Life is short, don’t think too much.


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