Amazon Dorm Room Finds

Amazon Dorm Room Finds

Here at The Campus Crop, we know that moving into the dorms at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) can be overwhelming. And because of this, we understand that you might have forgotten to pack some essential items on your trek up to the residence halls.

Since you probably have an Amazon Prime Student account by now, it’s a no-brainer that you’d opt for the free prime shipping to shop for these forgotten items. That’s why we’ve browsed around Amazon for you and made this handy list of items you might consider purchasing to help make your dorm room feel a little more like home:

1. Steamer

Small white steamer from Amazon

There might not be much room for an ironing board, so a steamer is a quick and easy alternative to get those pesky wrinkles out of your clothes. For this practical item, click here to purchase for $12.77!


2. Succulent Plant Pots

Three white hexagon succulent plant pots

Miss your garden back at home? Not to worry, these white ceramic contemporary pots will be the perfect addition on your shelf. Make your room a little greener and click here to purchase for $12.99!


3. Oil Diffuser

Small blue oil diffuser

Are you used to burning candles back at home while you study? An oil diffuser is your fire-free option to help set the aroma in your room. You can buy this diffuser here for $15.95!


4. Photo Wall Collage  

Photo collage wall

Miss your friends and family? Surround yourself with their smiling faces with this crafty photo wall organizer. Start hanging up your favorite memories and buy it here for $15.99!


5. String Lights

Three gold geometric string lights

There might be some all-nighters in the near future. So when that happens and you’re stumbling into your room at all hours of the night, it might be convenient to put up some string lights to light your way. Click here to purchase for $16.99!


6. Wall Tapestry
Black and white star constellations wall tapestry

Want to add some personality to your room? Hanging up a nice tapestry might do the trick! Click here and fall asleep to starry nights in your room for only $15.99!


7. Laptop Lap Desk

Light teal laptop lap desk with laptop and pen on it

Are you prone to doing homework on your bed? A laptop lap desk is just what you need for those long homework sessions. Stop hunching over while working on your laptop and purchase this homework gamechanger here for $14.71!


8. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini

White Fujifilm INSTAX Mini camera

Are you that friend who is always taking pictures? While this item is definitely the priciest on the list, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to capture those special CPP moments with friends. Snap away by purchasing it here for $54.15!

All images via Amazon

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