Best Sandwich Shops In Los Angeles

Best Sandwich Shops In Los Angeles

Tired of eating your usual Subway sandwich? Maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try some of these Los Angeles sandwich hotspots:

Ike’s Place

Photo of sandwich with bacon, turkey and avocado from Ikes Place in Los Angeles, CA.
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I initially stumbled upon this sandwich empire back in San Francisco and immediately fell in love with their extensive sandwich menu. When I found out that they had opened locations in Southern California, I was a little sad my secret spot wasn’t much of a secret anymore, but I guess it’s too good not to share. With 50 eclectic sandwich choices on their menu, you’re bound to find your sandwich soulmate. What sets this place apart from the rest is their crunchy Dutch oven bread, which pairs perfectly with the more than generous amount of avocado they pack into their sandwiches. But if avocados aren’t your thing, you can always add stuffed jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks or beer battered onion rings to add your own twist to the sammich. And did I mention that every order comes with a free Caramel Apple Pop?

Howlin’ Ray’s
Photo of the spiciest version of the Hot Chicken Sando at Howlin' Ray's in Los Angeles, CA.
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You may have heard about the long, never-ending line at Howlin’ Rays in Chinatown, which according to Yelp reviews can range anywhere from one to three hours. While the line might sound like a big turnoff, let me assure you as someone who actually waited in line, it’s worth the wait. Although there’s only one Hot Chicken Sando option on the menu, the fun part is deciding how hot you want your sandwich to be. Choose wisely because their hot sauce isn’t for the faint of heart. Regardless of your choice, their juicy and tender chicken, with their savory Comeback sauce, slaw and pickles, makes for a perfect combination on their sweet butter bun. I guarantee that you’ll forget about how long you waited once you take your first bite.

Bay Cities Italian Deli
Photo of the Godmother sandwich complete with Genoa salami, mortadella, ham, prosciutto and provolone from Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica, CA .
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Heading to Santa Monica anytime soon? If you are, be sure to stop by for some delicious sandwiches that’ll put the Spicy Italian from Subway to shame. If this is your first time, I recommend getting their famous Godmother sandwich, which consists of Genoa salami, mortadella, ham, prosciutto and provolone all piled onto their freshly baked bread. But regardless of what you order, you’ll be able to taste the quality and love that goes into making these sandwiches. Keep in mind that this place is also known to get busy around lunch time, so if you don’t want to wait and don’t need any modifications, you can always grab some of their pre-made sandwiches. Just come prepared for a nap on the beach after eating one of these because you won’t eat just half the sandwich.

Fat Sal’s
Photo of the Fat Mona stuffed with fried eggs, ham, bacon, grilled onions, fries and cheese at Fat Sal's in Los Angeles, CA.
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Fat Sal’s is known for, you guessed it, their fat sandwiches and has Southern California locations in HollywoodWestwood and Encino. Pictured above is the Fat Mona, which is their version of a breakfast sandwich consisting of the usual fried eggs, ham, bacon, grilled onions, fries and cheese. However, their signature Fat Sal sandwich is in a league of its own. This hefty sandwich is jam-packed with ingredients such as roast beef, mozzarella sticks, onions rings, brown gravy and fries, all on their signature garlic hero. You’re either all in or all out when it comes to these sandwiches.

Fun fact: the Hollywood location is open until 4 a.m. Thu-Sat.

Mendocino Farms
Photo of sandwich from Mendocino Farms in Los Angeles, CA.
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With multiple locations throughout L.A. County and Orange County, you’re bound to pass by a Mendocino Farms location sometime soon. These artisan sandwiches are just as fresh and tasty as they are pretty and colorful. From sandwich classics like the club and tuna melt to vegan specialties like BBQ tempeh sandwiches and falafel wraps, you’ll quickly see how this spot takes pride in their creations and fresh ingredients. My go-to is The Sandwich Study of Heat, which has a gluten free option and includes roasted turkey breast, smoked gouda, smashed avocado, jalapeno relish and my favorite chili aioli.

Philippe The Original
Photo of pork French Dip sandwich from Philippe the Original in Los Angeles, CA.
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Established in 1908, Philippe The Original is best known for their french dipped sandwiches, which is claimed to have been created by Philippe Mathieu in 1918. With this much sandwich-making experience, they must be doing something right over at Philippe’s. For their specialty sandwich, you get your pick from roast beef, roast pork, leg of lamb, turkey or ham to put on a freshly baked French roll, which is then dipped in the natural gravy of the roasts. If you’ve never tried this L.A. food staple, be sure to “double dip” your sandwich when you visit—you’ll thank me later. This place can also fill up at times, especially before or after Dodger games since it’s in close proximity to the stadium, so be sure to keep this in mind when you visit.

Photo of Langers - Los Angeles CA United States 10

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If pastrami sandwiches are more of your thing, the legendary #19 hand-cut hot pastrami sandwich with coleslaw, Russian dressing, swiss cheese on double-baked rye bread at Langer’s is a must-try. While it might look like a typical pastrami sandwich, your taste buds will know the difference. But that’s not all they carry, they also offer an array of sandwich meats such as corned beef, roast beef, turkey, ham and more! With close to 3,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, these simple, but classic sandwiches definitely live up to the hype.

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