Get Caught Red Handed With These Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Dishes

Get Caught Red Handed With These Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Dishes

If you’re guilty of constantly walking around with red fingers and are ready to take your Hot Cheetos addiction to the next level, this is the list for you. Below you’ll find a roundup of some of the best Hot Cheeto dishes in Southern California:

Photo of Hot Cheeto Hotbox Burger at Piedog in Fullerton, CA.
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Located in Downtown FullertonPie Dog has out done themselves with their Hotbox Burger. With Hot Cheetos AND Mac & Cheese in the mix, this juicy and savory burger is so wrong, yet so right. And it doesn’t end there—the burger also pairs nicely with an order of perfectly crispy tater tots. But if you’re feeling really extra, be sure to dip them in some of Pie Dog’s house-made sauces such as their Double Red ketchup or G Sauce garlic sauce. And Hot Cheeto burgers aren’t their only specialty, they have plenty of hearty burgers, sausages, hot dogs and wings on their menu to choose from.

Low-Key Poke Joint
Photo of poke bowl with Hot Cheetos dusted on top.Photo of The Low-Key Poke Joint's Hot Cheeto Wrap, the Hot Cheetortio
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With locations in RiversideLoma Linda and Garden Grove, this next spot is a little of a drive away from Pomona, but it’s definitely worth the mileage. And while it might be called The Low-Key Poke Joint, this place is far from low-key with more than 2,000 combined reviews on Yelp. Here you’ll have the option to create your own poke bowl with Hot Cheeto crumbs sprinkled on top or try their Hot Cheeto poke burrito that is dusted with those notoriously red crumbs called the Hot Cheetorito. In addition to their fiery toppings, they’re known for their extremely fresh fish and generous portions, so this spot is a must-try for any poke fan.

The Attic
Photo of Jala Bac Mac 'n' Cheetos at The Attic in Long Beach, CA.
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Just like the Hotbox Burger at Pie DogThe Attic puts together two faves for the ultimate combination. But what makes The Attic stand out is that they have not one, but SIX Mac N’ Cheetos dishes to choose from. From fried chicken pieces to slow braised short rib in your pasta, these dishes are nothing but mouth-watering. And if Hot Cheetos aren’t hot enough for you, you should order their Jala Bac Mac N’ Cheetos dish, which includes of sliced jalapeños and chopped candied cayenne bacon. You can view their full list of options here.

Rose City Pizza
Photo of Buffalo Chicken Tater Tots topped with Hot Cheeto crumbles at Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, CA Photo of elote (corn) pizza with Hot Cheeto dusted on top.
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What do buffalo chicken tater tots and penne pasta have in common? Besides them both being delicious, they both have the option of being topped off with crushed Hot Cheetos at Rose City Pizza in Rosemead. And by the looks of it, Napoleon Dynamite would’ve killed for these tots, which are pictured in the tin bowls above. But the fun doesn’t stop there, they also serve an elote (corn) pizza with dusted Hot Cheetos on top! It might sound like an odd combination, but the sweet corn plays well with the cheese and spicy topping.

Photo of corn on the cob with mayo, butter, chili powder, cotija cheese and lime wedges at BionicLand in Norwalk, CA.
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Continuing with the corn and Hot Cheetos theme, this next place serves what you might call Mexican corn on the cob. The classic version of this dish is a buttered corn on the cob with mayo, cotija cheese and sprinkled chili powder. BionicLand has added a twist to the classic dish and upped their game by coating their corn with Hot Cheetos. And once you top it off with a freshly squeezed lime, you’re good to go. But if you’re not in the mood to get your face dirty with all that bright red dust— because we already know what it does to your fingers—you can always opt to have your corn shaved into a cup (as pictured above).

Ameci Pizza & Pasta
Photo of pizza topped with many Hot Cheetos at Ameci Pizza and Pasta in Glendale, CA.
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If you haven’t bookmarked this on Yelp, do it now. This is where I first heard about pizza being combined with Hot Cheetos, and because of this, I’m forever grateful for the pizza makers at Ameci Pizza. The warm, cheesy, crispy and spicy combination is something you bite into and then instantly get upset for not being the first person to create this masterpiece of a pizza. The secret is the more than generous amount of cheese they put on their pizza, which is not only baked with Hot Cheeto powder but is also topped with Hot Cheetos once out of the oven.

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