Your #CPP1stday As Told By “Game Of Thrones”

Your #CPP1stday As Told By “Game Of Thrones”

The start of the school year is always a rollercoaster of emotions. From dealing with parking and finding your classrooms, to meeting your professors, The Campus Crop has an idea of how you might feel on your #CPP1stday (as told by “Game of Thrones”).

How you wish you arrived to school so you don’t have to find parking:Daenerys from Game of Thrones rides dragon

How you feel walking into your first class:John Snow is scared

What all your of professors say on the first day:Knowledge is power

What you hear your professors say:Daenerys makes someone surrender

When your professor asks you to introduce yourself:Daenerys is introduced

When you’re that one student who forgot to bring their syllabus:
John Snow is sad

What you tell your classmates after going over the syllabus:Man wishes opponent good fortune

How you feel once you’re done for the day:
Character dances before royal court

How you feel when you get home and start your homework:Woman tells John Snow he knows nothing

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