10 Reasons To Get Out Of The Office And Join A Sport Club

10 Reasons To Get Out Of The Office And Join A Sport Club

Guest Author TJ Freedman


Have you heard about Campus Recreation’s Sport Clubs? The Sport Clubs program provides high-quality, structured and competitive activities at a collegiate level. These clubs offer its members the opportunity to experience physical, social and emotional growth.

Being a member of Sport Clubs will help you enhance your Bronco experience through the development of your leadership skills, team building and campus pride.  All teams are student-run organizations! The teams have the opportunity to compete against schools across the nation while representing Cal Poly Pomona (CPP)!

If that isn’t enough to get you to join, then here are the top 10 reasons to get out of the office and join a Sport Club:


1. You get to show off your superior athletic abilities.
Jim Halpert dodges a soccer ball


2.  It is a good way to stay fit.
Michael Scott does warm ups


3.  Create memories and friendships that will last beyond college.
Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute are excited


4. You represent CPP.
Dwight says, "it's true."


5.  You get to travel and compete across the country.
Dundermifflin crew in a car


6.  You get to play the sport you love.
Stanley Hudson outdribbles team


7.  It is a great stress reliever.
Michael Scott freaking out


8.  IT’S FUN!
The Office staff celebrates with confetti


9. You get to be a part of a team.
Pam and Jim high-five


10. You gain professional experience since the club is student-run.
 Michael Scott holds World's Best Boss cup


You can join or create your own Sport Club here or email the staff at sportclubs@cpp.edu. Tryouts for various clubs start at the beginning of fall quarter, so hurry up!

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