Best Local Thrift Stores For Back To School Shopping

Best Local Thrift Stores For Back To School Shopping

We all want to look fly once September 21 comes around, but let’s face it; no one wants to break the bank this early in the quarter.

Luckily for all of us, tons of thrift stores surround Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) that carry some of the coolest and best-kept threads (not to mention furniture and school supplies).

Woman shows off her dress while saying "I got this dress at a thrift store for $1."
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Forget the mall or Office Depot! The thrift store is your one-stop shop for back to school shopping deals. Here are some of the best!

Photo of front of  Veterans Thrift Store in Pomona, CA
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Located on Garey and 12th Street, Veterans Thrift Store is a hidden charm. It’s hard to spot, but once you find it you’ll be thankful. It has the greatest selection of vintage clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, books and appliances—don’t let the small size fool you! The boutique section of the store carries great designer pieces you can’t find anywhere else for the price. Yelpers have reported their rare finds, from a $2 Louis Vuitton wallet to $14 Creepers! Prices stay low, usually ranging from $1-15.

Photo of front of DeeLux store in Claremont, CA
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Claremont Village would not be complete without a trendy consignment shop. DeeLux carries some of the city’s best new and used vintage goods. Deelux employees personally sort through donated goods, ensuring that donated pieces are fashionable, name brand and up to date with current trends. Because of this, prices can be on the higher side, but you can still easily find gems under $15. The store is clean, welcoming and organized so you won’t have to tediously dig through racks of old clothes. Be sure to check out some of the fun items at the front of the store such as room decor, candles and mugs.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore
Photo of couches for sale at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Montclair, CA
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If you’re looking for affordable furniture for your dorm or off-campus housing, look no further. Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Montclair is equipped with majorly discounted hardware, appliances, furniture and office goods. Here you can spot antique furniture and on some occasions, modern minimalist additions to your home. They also have a nice selection of vintage vinyls from the ’50s to the ’70s, usually under $1. The staff is more than happy to help you locate anything you’re looking for and they also assist with loading heavy items into cars so you won’t have to lift a finger!

Photo of shopper looking through rack at Goodwill Southern California Retail Store in Pomona, CA
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Whatever you need, you’ll find at GoodwillGoodwill is the OG thrift shop with thousands of locations all over the United States. There are at least 10 different locations within 10 miles of CPP! You can find anything from clothing to furniture, to appliances, TVs, rugs and bedroom decor here. Most of the time, Goodwill carries a good variety of brand new items. A little-known fact is that items that don’t get sold at Target usually get sent directly to Goodwill stores, so keep an eye out!

Heartland Thrift Store
Photo of store front at Heartland Thrift Store
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If you’re looking to save big and have a good time, Heartland is the place to go. The Montclair store offers different types of deals every day such as 20% Off Student Discount Tuesdays, 50% Off Wednesdays and 30% Off Fridays and Saturdays which are always updated on its Facebook page. It’s known for its great selection of clothing as well as its friendly staff. Grab a friend and shop your heart out! You’ll find some sick, new wardrobe additions at Heartland.

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