Students Try Their Luck At Lotería Night

Students Try Their Luck At Lotería Night

El sol, la bandera, la rosa, la corona…

Several students in the distance shout, “Lotería!” simultaneously and scramble to the front of the room to claim their prize.

On Nov. 2,  ASI Games Room Etc. (GRE, Bldg. 35-1110), Hermanas Unidas and Hermanos Unidos collaborated on hosting Lotería Night for Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) students.

Tables of students playing Loteria at the Games Room Etc.Photo of multiple tables of students playing Lotería at the GRE.

Students spent the evening socializing, trying their luck at the classic game and chowing down on delicious food from Qdoba.

Two students getting a plate of food
Photo of two students in line and serving themselves food from Qdoba.

The objective of Lotería is simple—cards with illustrations and Spanish words are called, and the first player(s) to clear their tabla, or board and shout “Lotería!” wins. Similar to bingoLotería is a game of chance, but uses photos and words on the playing cards as opposed to numbers and letters.

Each round of the game had four winners. Prizes courtesy of the GRE included Lotería Night T-shirts, AMC movie tickets and bags of candy.

Two students moderating the Loteria game
Photo of two students speaking into microphones and calling the game behind the table of prizes.

As students munched on nachos, elotes and sipped on horchata and jamaica, the lively energy of the event filled the room.

Second-year accounting student Elizabeth Lee decided to attend the event last-minute, after working on a paper at the Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35).

“I think it’s good to try new things and meet new people because I think, at least for me, when I first started I never wanted to go to campus events. And I think now that I’m almost done with school, it’s nice to feel involved on campus,” Lee said.

Tables full of students playing Loteria at the Games Room Etc.
Photo of tables of students focusing on their Lotería boards.

Andaiye McAndrew, a second-year political science student and Games Room attendant explained that the GRE hosts events like Lotería Night to celebrate our campus’ diversity.

“It is important because it introduces students to different cultures,” McAndrew said. “The Games Room puts on a lot of events similar to this one for different clubs and organizations on campus.”

Two students looking at their Loteria cards
Photo of a student showing another student how to play the game with cups of horchata and jamaica on the table.

McAndrew added, “It gives us a chance to show the diversity on campus.”

Lotería night had an excellent turnout with more than 100 students who tried their luck at the event.

If you missed fall quarter’s Lotería Night, you can catch another round on Feb. 22 at 6 p.m. at the Games Room Etc. (Bldg. 35-1110)! To keep up with all things ASI, follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or Snapchat @asicpp! To see more posts from the GRE, be sure to follow their Instagram, @asigamesroom.