10 Sunsets Worth The Drive

10 Sunsets Worth The Drive

Sunsets may easily be one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that we are lucky enough to experience daily. Sometimes we take them for granted because we’re stuck in traffic or in an office, but taking the time to fully enjoy a sunset can be a soothing practice.

Below is a list of sunsets throughout Southern California that you have to experience at least once! The estimated distance for each site is based on our lovely Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) campus.

Steep Canyon Trailhead- Diamond Bar
Purple and pink sunset in Diamond Bar
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 14 min
Let’s start close to campus with Steep Canyon Trailhead in Diamond Bar. The 1.6-mile trail offers you views of rolling hills, wild mustard plants and natural flowers in the day time. Stick around for the sunset to see those hills illuminated with a picturesque, red glow.

Runyon Canyon-Los Angeles
Hikers soak in view of LA from Runyon
Image via legaciesofla.com

Distance: 1 hr
Don’t be fooled by all the smog and traffic in Hollywood, there’s actually great hiking trails peppered throughout the city. Runyon Canyon is both accessible and crowded, but it’s definitely worth the steep inclines and multiple staircases. The canyon has a sweeping view of the Los Angeles cityscape. In fact, it’s such a popular spot for sightseers that there’s even a bench strategically placed for optimum sunset viewing.


Top of the World Park- Laguna Beach
couple enjoys sunset on ocean at Top of the World
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 1 hr 10 min
Drop what you’re doing and fill up your gas tank because this is one sunset you can’t miss! Top of the World gives you a sweeping view of Laguna Beach as well as the neighboring hills surrounding Aliso Viejo. You can basically see the curvature of the earth here, so you can only imagine what a beautiful sight it makes at sunset.


Paseo Miramar Trail- Pacific Palisades

Image via alltrails.com

Distance: 1 hr 19 min
Ah, imagine a life where you and your honey go for a romantic stroll at Paseo Miramar Trail every day. You would be treated to this incredibly romantic view! Just look at it, the soft colors, the softer sand, the calm ocean. It’s a must.


White Point/Royal Palms County Beach- San Pedro
sunset creeps over bluffs at white point/royal palms
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 1 hr 19 min
Make sure you don’t brave this one barefoot, White Point/ Royal Palms beach is known for its rocky beach and tidepools. Equally as notable is the incredible sunset visible from the sand. Is it just me, or is this view the backdrop for a summer romance waiting to happen?


Del Mar Dog Beach- Del Mar
A dog takes in sunset at  Del Mar Dog Beach
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 1hr 44 min
At this spot, you can enjoy a sunset with YOUR DOG! With plenty of cliffs for you and your pup to post up and soak in the view, Del Mar Dog Beach is about to be your go-to beach. If you don’t like dogs, let’s skip ahead to the next spot on the list.


Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve- La Jolla
Photo of Torrey Pines State Reserve's iconic Bathtub rock at sunset

Vibrant cliffside view of Torrey Pines sunset
Images via yelp.com

Distance: 1 hr 47 min
Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve deserves two photos! Let’s just take a second to appreciate the vivid reds, golds and navy blues streaking across the sky at any given sunset. The park is a living oil painting, it’s no wonder so many people take their wedding photos here.


Point Mugu State Park- Malibu
Sunset streaked sky over Point Mugu State Park
Image via pinterest.com

Distance: 2 hr 5 min
Point Mugu is only five miles long, but it’s packed with bluffs, sand dunes, canyons and plenty of surf breaks. If all of that isn’t enough to keep you at the state park, then the vibrant sunset better be.


Indian Cove- Twentynine Palms
Natural rock formations and sunset at Indian Rock
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 2 hr 23 min
If sandy beaches aren’t your thing, make the trek to Indian CoveYou can camp out here, go bouldering, hike multiple trails or lay back on a rock and let the sunset roll in. Far removed enough from the city, Indian Cove offers the perfect way to unplug from city life and soak in the natural views.

Sunset Cliffs National Park- San Diego
An epic sunset and clouds at Sunset Cliffs National Park
Image via yelp.com

Distance: 2 hr 39 min
OK, so I can’t even begin to describe this sunset. Is it a prophetic beam of light striking San Diego? Or maybe just the sun piercing through the clouds at the right moment? Either way, Sunset Cliffs National Park is unreal and you need to experience it firsthand for epic sunset shots.


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