ASI Celebrates Executive Director Cora Culla’s Retirement

ASI Celebrates Executive Director Cora Culla’s Retirement

On Friday, June 2 a crowd gathered under the shade of umbrellas in front of the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) pool. Despite the heat, the crowd was excited to celebrate the career of Cora Culla, now former executive director of Associated Students Inc (ASI).

Cora Culla poses with framed photo

Culla’s name is synonymous with the success of ASI. A friendly face in the halls of the Bronco Student Center (BSC), her reputation has grown for more than 28 years of serving ASI.

The highlight of the evening came during Culla’s speech where she listed all of ASI’s achievements since her start in 1989. Among these achievements were establishing a good standing of Cal Poly Pomona’s ASI with the California State University (CSU) and the opening of the BRIC in 2014.

Culla addresses friends and colleagues

During her tenure at ASI, Culla has seen the company grow exponentially as well as her career. When she first joined ASI, the company only had 40 professional staff and approximately 80 students.

Flash forward to Culla’s promotion to executive director in 1993 and with it the expansion of ASI to include more than 80 professional staff, about 300 student workers, the expansion of the BSCThe Children’s Center and later, the BRIC.

Following her speech, a friendly game of Family Feud was played by colleagues of Culla. The topic of the questions: Cora Culla fun facts.

After the event’s festivities, past and current colleagues took to the stage to share their favorite memories of the executive director and say their heartfelt goodbyes. Speakers included the current Director of Financial Services Carol Lee, Associate Director of Marketing & Public Relations Cathy Neale as well as ASI alumni.

Culla poses with ASI President Uriah Sanders

The legacy of Culla will be long remembered by many. ASI President Uriah Sanders reflected on his relationship with Culla as part of ASI Student Government. “I was very impressed by how much she prioritized everything I brought to her desk,” Sanders said. “[Cora] is one of the most reliable and trustworthy people I have ever met.”

Culla’s official retirement day was July 1. One can only imagine the excitement that awaits her as she plans to travel to Australia and enjoy her favorite hobby: karaoke.