Art Walk Rundown

Art Walk Rundown

Looking to feel a little artsy? Los Angeles is home to a bustling art scene with numerous art galleries throughout, so lucky for us it’s not hard to find a nearby gallery to explore. But did you know these same galleries open their doors to the general public for yearly, quarterly and even monthly art walks?

If you’ve never been to an art walk, they’re a great way to view paintings, exhibits, sculptures, photography, crafts and more from both established and up-and-coming artists. Here are some art walks you should consider strolling through:

Pomona Art Walk
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When: Second Saturday of every month

Located in the heart of Downtown Pomona, our very own college town hosts a monthly farmers market and art walk with live entertainment that you should check out at least once before you graduate. You might be surprised to know that more than three dozen galleries, shops, studios and restaurants participate in the monthly event, so there is definitely plenty to see. And if you want to explore Downtown Pomona even more, click here to read up on specific hot spots to visit.

DTLA Art Walk
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When: Second Thursday of every month

For those of you who want the full art walk experience, look no further than the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. Here is where you’ll bump shoulders with locals and tourists alike who are looking to get a taste of what the LA art scene is all about. You’ll be able to experience the culture of the city not only through its art but through the vast array of vendors, shops, entertainment, restaurants and more that fill the streets of Downtown LA.

Long Beach
Long Beach art walk

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When: First Friday and Second Saturday of every month

Long Beach is home to not one, but two monthly art walks, First Fridays and the 2nd Saturday Art Walk. The two art walks not only showcase the local art galleries found in this charming beach town, but also allow you to enjoy a low-key night full of live music, street performances, shopping and dining. 2nd Saturday Art Walk features performances from fire dancers and hosts open mic sessions for musicians, poets and stage performers, while First Fridays use a double-decker bus to shuttle attendees up and down the art walk.

San Pedro
San Pedro art walk
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When: First Thursday of every month

Located near the Port of Los Angeles, the San Pedro 1st Thursday Art Walk has been a staple in the community since 1996. With more than 40 galleries that feature contemporary and textile art, this is a go-to destination for both locals and cruise-ship tourists alike. And if art isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of street performers and restaurants in Downtown San Pedro to check out along the way. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the numerous “1st Thursday Night Specials” at participating cafes.


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When: First Friday of every month

The First Fridays Art Walk in Downtown Fullerton not only showcases local artists but has a unique array of shops, such as Out of Vogue and Comic Book Hideout. Whether you’re looking for a new painting for your bedroom or wanting to create your own work of art at one of the Oh, Hello Friend calligraphy workshops, this art walk has a little something for everyone. If you’re in need of a pick me up to get through the walk, be sure to stop by The Night Owl coffee lounge and try one of their specialty drinks like a Nutella latte.

Laguna Beach
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When: First Thursday of every month

MTV’s “Laguna Beach” isn’t the only thing this beach town is known for. Laguna Beach is actually home to a very eclectic art walk, which features more than 30 contemporary and fine art galleries. The First Thursdays Art Walk website even features monthly recaps and updates of their art walk so you can know what to expect or what you missed. Their most recent art walk featured artist Russell Pierce’s “Change Agents,” which was on display at seven-degrees and featured 50 portraits of people who have shaped the world or have influenced pop culture. Similar to Long Beach, there are free trolley services for art walk visitors who are feeling a little lazy.

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