The Best Places to Take Photos on Campus

The Best Places to Take Photos on Campus

Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) is a gorgeous campus filled with hidden gems and aesthetic locations that are perfect for taking photos. Whether you’re looking to take your next viral Instagram photo or get a professional head shot, the following are the best places to take photos on campus:

George and Sakaye Aratani Japanese Garden

This is an easy one. The Japanese Garden, located northwest of the CLA (Bldg. 98) is one of the most aesthetic locations on campus. Featuring Asian flora and traditional Japanese design, this location is an excellent place to relax and take photos.

Recommendation: Candidly look off to the side for a more natural look.

Orange Fields

One of the best things about CPP is its commitment to learn by doing. The College of Agriculture grows its own oranges southeast of the Fruit Crops Unit (Bldg. 28). This is a great place to take your next Instagram photo because of its abundance of trees and outdoorsy appeal.

Recommendation: Smolder with some well-placed backlighting. We assume Tyra Banks would encourage you to smize at this location, too.

College of Business Administration

Recently renovated in 2012, the College of Business Administration (Bldg. 162) features modern architecture and an open courtyard, providing an excellent background and soft lighting for professional photos.

Recommendation: Perfect spot for your traditional LinkedIn head-shot pose.

Darlene May Gymnasium

The hill north of the Darlene May Gymnasium (Bldg. 41) offers a great place to take outdoor shots. During the day, light reflects off the windows of the Bronco Recreation Intramural Complex (BRIC, Bldg. 42) onto the hill, eliminating any need to bring your own lighting equipment!

Recommendation: Don’t be afraid to sit or lay on the grass. We wouldn’t be surprised if Marc Jacobs used this for the next perfume commercial.

John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

Administered by the College of Environmental Design, the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies (Bldg. 209) strives to make an impact towards a sustainable future and features wooden architecture and beautiful mosaics. This neat location is an excellent place to take unique photos.

Recommendation: Wear solid colors to help standout against the background. This location makes it extremely to look more artsy than you probably are, so go with it!

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